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Warp Pots are items from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. As their name implies, they are big cauldron-like pots found inside dungeons; when Link jumps into one, he is transported to other Warp Pots found inside the same dungeon, allowing him to easily transport himself. However, Link can only warp to Warp Pots he has already encountered, some of which are blocked by wooden planks which Link must remove using a Bomb, burning Boko Stick, Jump Attack, Skull Hammer, or Fire Arrow. Jumping into a Warp Pot when Link has not unlocked others merely causes him to jump back out again.

All dungeons contain a total of three Warp Pots, which are typically found in the first proper room of a dungeon, at a midway point, and near the lair of a dungeon's boss. While otherwise similar, Warp Pots can be told apart by the color of the fumes that emanate from them; these are green, blue, and yellow. Commonly, the pots found near the beginning are green, the ones found in the middle section are blue, and the ones near boss rooms are yellow. Warp Pots also direct Link in this very order; if Link enters a yellow pot, he is transported back to the blue one.

Warp Pots can also be found in the Hidden Hole on Diamond Steppe Island. Unlike the Warp Pots found in dungeons, the ones found in this Hidden Hole all have the same colored fume. Also, some will lead Link to new Warp Pots he has not yet seen, while many will send him back out the first first pot. These Warp Pots are used to navigate a maze around the wreckage of several ships, from which Link must find the Ghost Ship Chart.

A pair of purple fumed warp pots are also found in Ganon's Tower, allowing Link to warp from the bottom of the room in which he fought Puppet Ganon to higher up in the room's rafters.

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