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Warp Hole are portals in Link's Awakening that are used to quickly travel around Koholint Island.[1] Both Game Boy versions of the game only feature four Warp Holes, but many more are introduced in the Nintendo Switch version.

Location and Uses

In all versions of Link's Awakening prior to Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch, there are four Warp Holes on Koholint Island that will transport Link to another Warp Hole when entered. Each of the portals links to another specific Warp Hole in a fixed order.

  1. Ukuku Prairie — along the path east of Mabe Village
  2. Turtle Rock — pedestal above Turtle Rock, but can only be reached from the interior.
  3. Tal Tal Heights — east of the Angler's Tunnel keyhole
  4. East of the Bay — in a pond south of Animal Village

Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch features the original four Warp Holes and introduces several additional ones. Each Warp Hole must first be activated by stepping on it. If only one Warp Hole has been discovered and is used, Link will simply disappear and reappear in the same spot.

When more than one Warp Hole has been activated, a map of all active Warp Holes is displayed and the desired destination can be selected in order to instantly warp to it. Playing Manbo's Mambo on the Ocarina while outside will also allow Link to travel to any active Warp Holes.


  1. "'There are some Warp Holes on Koholint Island. You can warp to and fro using these holes. If you jump into the Warp Hole at which you arrived, you will go to the next one in the sequence. You can only warp to a hole you have seen with your own eyes...'" — The Properties Of Warp Holes (Link's Awakening DX)