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Warbane is the seventh boss in Zelda's Adventure. He is the Shrine Keeper of the Shrine of Fire, and is the last of the Shrine Keepers Zelda must face before facing Ganon.

Warbane is a fiery dragon who guards the final Celestial Sign. Before Ganon's siege over Tolemac, Warbane used to run a locksmith forge with a couple from Great Wimbich. However Ganon had persuaded Warbane into his service, who then built a fortified base of his own, which became the Shrine of Fire in the Forest of Canvula.[1]

Warbane also leaves behind the Hammer Spell after Zelda's first encounter with him.


Warbane's only means of attack is by flying around the room, dealing half a Heart-worth of damage if he manages to hit Zelda. Warbane has no real weakness, however the Hammer Spell is effective against him.

Warbane is fought a second time at the Vision Henge when Ganon summons the Shrine Keepers to fight Zelda on her way to the final showdown. Warbane is fought in a similar manner as before, only now he is slightly weaker. He is the final Shrine Keeper who must be defeated before Ganon finally reveals himself.



  1. "For thirty suns my husband and I ran the great locksmith forge for Warbane. Then Ganon came and pressed Warbane into service for his own evil plan. The forge was closed. Warbane built a fortified retreat of his own, somewhere off in the Forest of Canvula to the north." — Town Merchant (Zelda's Adventure)