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Wand of Power
Wand of Power (The Missing Link).png
Ganon holding the Wand of Power
Main appearance(s)
Captures its victim within the Evil Jar[1]
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The Wand of Power is an item appearing in the episode "The Missing Link" of The Legend of Zelda TV series. Used by Ganon, the wand shoots a powerful spell that captures its victim within the Evil Jar.[1] When Ganon arrives at North Castle's courtyard, he fires the spell at Princess Zelda, but she deflects with the Triforce of Wisdom's magic,[2] which causes the spell to bounce around and eventually captures Link instead. Ganon decides that capturing Link is satisfactory and leaves back to the Underworld.[3] Although the Wand of Power was able to send Link's body to the Evil Jar, it did not capture his spirit since the spell was weakened as it was bouncing around.[4] This leaves Link to wander around the castle and the underworld as a ghost while Zelda works to recover his body.



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