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The Wand of Gamelon is an item in The Wand of Gamelon.

Location and Uses

The Wand of Gamelon is a relic that is kept inside of the Shrine of Gamelon. It is being guarded by Omfak, one of Ganon's minions. The Wand of Gamelon is briefly mentioned by Myra, who states that it is the only item that can defeat Ganon.[1]

The Wand of Gamelon defeats Ganon in a single shot by throwing it at him. In the following cutscene, Zelda waves the Wand to create magic golden chains that wrap around Ganon. These chains then imprison him inside of a book.


  1. "This light will penetrate the dark around Ganon, but only the wand can defeat him. Good luck!" — Myra (The Wand of Gamelon)