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Welcome to J-man Zelda Fan's walkthrough of The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. This original, user-created walkthrough will guide you through the main quest of The Minish Cap, from the beginning to the Final Boss. Complete the game while being entertained by humorous quotes, picture captions, and sarcasm spread throughout this detailed and well-written walkthrough.
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About this walkthrough

This will be my first walkthrough, so bear with me. I know the game very well, as I have beaten it numerous times. I expect this walkthrough to get you through the main core of the game. I'll be mentioning some secrets and Heart Pieces (the ones that I know of) along the way, but don't expect this walkthrough to lead you to all Kinstone fusions, and this walkthrough will NOT tell you the locations of all 40+ Pieces of Heart. There are just too many. When directions are used within the walkthrough, most of the time I will use right and left instead of east and west. Also, usually I will use up or up screen for north and down or down screen for south. I will try to be consistent on this, but if I use them interchangeably, I'm sorry. I will be linking some things within the walkthrough, but I will not be following the strictest of guidelines that are followed in articles on Zeldapedia. So, without further ado, I will be dividing this walkthrough up into various parts as follows.

Part One "Of Minish and Men"

Part Two "Fun with Fire and Falling Rocks"

Part Three "Ruin Rampage"

Part Four "I'm Singing in the Droplets"

Part Five "I Believe I Can Fly"

  • Royal Crypt
  • Cloud Tops
  • Palace of Winds
  • Boss: Gyorg Pair
  • NOTE: Palace of Winds and boss may be moved to Part Six, and the existing Part Six subsequently changed to Part Seven. Reason being, the Palace of Winds is a very lengthy dungeon.

Part Six "The Hero Rises"

Sidequest Silliness


  • A final list of locations of all unlockables and Heart Pieces mentioned in the walkthrough, for readers' convenience.
Forest Minish

Have fun!

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