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/          |           |           |           \
*The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Walkthrough
*Gamefaqs Username: Zeldaduderox
*Universal Account Name: Zelda311
Copyright (c) 2009 Nico Borst
\          |           |           |           /
  __                                                         __ 
 /|  /              /                           |           /   
( | (___  ___      (     ___  ___  ___  ___  ___|      ___ (    
  | |   )|___)     |   )|___)|   )|___)|   )|   )     |   )|___ 
  | |  / |__       |__/ |__  |__/ |__  |  / |__/      |__/ |    
  __                         __                                        __ 
 / /       /    |           /  |                /                     /   
( /   ___ (  ___| ___      (   | ___  ___  ___    ___  ___       ___ (    
 /  )|___)| |   )|   )     |   )|    |   )|   )| |   )|   )     |   )|___ 
/__/ |__  | |__/ |__/|     |__/ |__  |__/||    | |  / |__/|     |__/ |    
  __                        __             __       __   __        __      
 /|  /                /  | /  | /    /  | /|  /  | /  | /  | /  | /    /  |
( |    _ _  ___      (   |(___|(    (___|( | (___|(___|(   |(   |( __ (___|
  | | | | )|___)     | / )|   )|   )|\     | |   )|\   |   )|   )|   )|   )
  | | |  / |__       |/|/ |  / |__/ | \    | |  / | \  |__/ |__/ |__/ |  /

Table of Contents------------------------------ {TOC}

Table of Contents...............................{TOC}
Version History................................{0.33}
Copyright stuff................................{0.99}
The Walkthrough................................{1.00}
..Get Sheild and Sword.........................{1.50}
Great Deku Tree................................{2.00}
..To Hyrule and Beyond!........................{2.50}
Boss Guide.......................................{BG}
..Queen Gohma.................................{B1.00}

To go automatically to the section you want, hit
Ctrl+F to go to the "find mode". Type in the code
that appears at the end of the section I put. Two
results should come up, the one that it tells you
to search in the Table of Contents, and the actual part
of the walkthrough.

For apple computers, use Command/Apple+F instead of
Ctrl+F to get to the "find mode".

Version History--------------------------------{0.33}
--Now there is a guide to get out of the forest. Just
--a small part added. Oh yes, I also added the Roman
--Numerals stuff.

--I added how to beat the Great Deku Tree and how to
--defeat Queen Gohma.

--Today  is Thanksgiving. I give thanks for this awesome
--game and everything else Nintendo. This version includes
--the Table of Contents, Version History, Copyright Stuff,
--Legend/Key,The Walkthrough, and Get Sheild and Sword.


{{Q|I AM ERROR.|Error}}
  |       |       |
  |       |       |
  |       |       |
This    The      Person
is      Actual   who
a       Quote    said
quote            the

Withered Deku Baba --Name of Enemy
Level: *\\\\\\\\\  --level of hardness. X/10
Weapon: Body       --Weapon enemy uses.
eWeapon: Sword     --Weapon to use against enemy

///////////////////NEW ITEM\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  -- New Item
|||||             Deku Seed                   ||||| -- Item name
Once you pick up the Deku Seed, you can select it
to one of the C buttons. It will paralyze enemies   -- Item description
very briefly and is quite handy when attacking
new foes.
|||||                                         |||||
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\NEW ITEM////////////////////////

>?< means I'm not sure about what I just said. Please contact
    me if you know if I'm wrong or not so I may change it. I
    will rarely use this.

<3 -- this means heart

I will use Roman Numerals when saying how many
Gold Skulttullas you should have at the beginning
of each part. Roman Numerals go as follows:

I -- 1
V -- 5
X -- 10
L -- 50
C -- 100

Because of that, this would be the order (1-100) of
the Roman Numerals:

Copyright Stuff--------------------------------{0.99}

So please don't copy anything from this page. The legal
limit is 2 lines copied and pasted, so only 2 lines you
may copy. If you're going to put this on your site, please
address me first. AIM me at, or eMail
me at

My references are Zelda Dungeon, Zeldapedia, The
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and Wikipedia.

Oh yes, and me. :D

The Walkthrough--------------------------------{1.00}

So this Walkthrough will include how to beat the game,
what to do, hopefully it will help you, all the Heart
Pieces, Items, and Gold Skulltullas.

||||||N          O             T              E|||||
|  I will use the Nintendo 64 controls, ergo       |
|  Z-targeting. If you are using the Gamecube      |
|  Version, just replace Z-targeting with          |
|  L-Targeting. If I say hit the L button, that    |
|  would merely be just to flip the map on and off.|
|  For Gamecube, just replace hitting the L button |
|  with the Arrow buttons.                         |
||||||                                         |||||

Get the Sword and Sheild----------------------{1.50}
Hearts you should have at this point: <3 <3 <3

Gold Skulltullas you should have at this point: None


{{Q|In the vast, deep forest of Hyrule...
Long have I served as the
guardian spirit...
I am known as the Great Deku Tree...

The children of the forest, the
Kokiri, live here with me.
Each Kokiri has his or her own
guardian fairy.

However, there is one boy who
does not have a fairy...|Great Deku Tree}}

You will see these words on a black screen once you
begin your Quest. After this, you will see a
flash of a dream. A bridge will drop down the mort.
That castle is Hyrule Castle, which you will learn
about later. The character in the green clothes
is Link, or you. A Girl (Princess Zelda) and her
assistant (Impa) will be on a horse, rushing past.
You will then meet a dark-skinned evil man (Ganondorf).
Who strikes you down, and then with a flash you wake up.

Navi, where art thou?
Come hither...
Oh, Navi the fairy...
listen to my words, the words of
the Deku Tree...

Dost thou sense it?
The climate of evil descending
upon this realm...
Malevolent forces even now are
mustering to attack our land
of Hyrule...

For so long, Kokiri Forest, the
source of life, has stood as a
barrier, deterring outsiders and
maintaining the order of the world...
But... before this tremendous evil
power, even my power is as

It seems the time has come for
the boy without a fairy to begin
his journey...
The youth whose destiny it is to
lead Hyrule to a path of
justice and truth...

Navi... go now! Find our young
friend and guide him to me...
I do not have much time left.
Fly, Navi, fly! The fate of the
forest, nay, the world, depends
upon thee!|Great Deku Tree}}

The Great Deku Tree is talking to
a fairy, Navi, who will be Link's
guardian-type thing. You see, the Great
Deku Tree is the deity/guardin/spirit
of the forest. The Kokiri Forest. The Kokiri
Forest is home to many people that never grow
up. So they always appear as children. Each
Kokiri will always have a fairy partner-
except for Link.

But now, apparently the Great Deku Tree
knew his quest was about to begin (which it
would, ironically); and that he would finally
get a fairy. He will send Navi the Fairy to
you and wake you up, saying that the Great
Deku Tree has summoned you. That means you
have to go to the Great Deku Tree! Obviously.

So, leave your treehouse house and go
outside to find a Kokiri (Saria is her name)
that generously greets you with a warm "Yahoo!".

When you climb down the ladder and talk to her
by pressing the A (Action) button, she will say

{{Q|Wow! A fairy!!
Finally, a fairy came
to you, Link!|Saria}}

Link has always been disliked by the other Kokiri,
he was always the "odd one" who didn't fit in. Saria,
however, was one of the few friends of Link.

But enough of that, let us begin. Proceed forward to
the right to find a small narrow canyon/like thing
with another Kokiri blocking the entrance. He is
Mido, the cocky "all-that" Kokiri who is a self-proclaimed
leader of the other Kokiri some how. When talking to you
he will say something like "Well well well, if it isn't
the boy without a fairy!" and over react when he
figures out the Great Deku Tree summoned Link. He says
that you should atleast equip a sword and a shield. Let's
begin with the sword.

Go south/down to find many shrubs and a gait type thing.
You should find a small hole in the wall (isn't that a
name of a song?) that you can crouch down into by hitting
the A button. go forward, evade your way around the boulders
and walls. You'll find a treasure chest. Walk up to it and
hit the A button. You got the Kokiri Sword!

///////////////////NEW ITEM\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
|||||           THE KOKIRI SWORD             |||||
This is the hidden treasure of Kokiri, but you can
borrow it for awhile. Be sure to practice with it
before you really fight! Press B to slash.
|||||                                        |||||
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\NEW ITEM////////////////////////

Dun dun dun dun!!! You'll get used to that sound. You got
the Kokiri Sword! Well by hitting the Start/Pause button
you can scroll through the different panels and find the
Quest Items Page. Find the Kokiri Sword and scroll over
it with the Analog Stick. Press the A button when you
are hovering over it.

You can attack in different ways by pressing the B button.
Congratulations, you have a sword.

Now, let's get that shield. First we need 40 rupees.
Rupees are the form of currency in The Legend of Zelda
series. Each different color is worth a different value
in which table I shall display below.

Green Rupee....................................1
Blue Rupee.....................................5
Silver Rupee*..................................5
Red Rupee.....................................20
Purple Rupee..................................50
Huge/Gold Rupee..............................200

*The Silver Rupee is worth 5 rupees, however money
is not its main cause. It is found in some dungeon
rooms and by collecting all of them in that room
you can get past that level of it.

So go around and search for some rupees and get 40.
I will display some good looking places.

*The Grass (Cutting it)
*The Rocks (Throwing it)
*Jumping perfectly across the platforms on the lake
*The back of the shop
*The end of the bridge at Saria's House
*The Twin's House (Pots)
*Mido's House (Treasure Chests)

By walking in and out of houses, some things will
reset and some rupees will reappear in the same spots as

Now in the Northeast corner of Kokiri Forest is a shop. Walk
inside to buy the Deku Shield for 40 Rupees.

///////////////////NEW ITEM\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
|||||           THE Deku Shield               |||||
This basic, wooden shield fits you perfectly!
Unfortunately it will burn easily, so keep
away from fire when it's equipped. Use R to
crouch and defend. Use R while Z targeting
to move while defending.
|||||                                        |||||
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\NEW ITEM////////////////////////

Here is a picture of where to find the shop:

I will explain how to fight and stuff later on.
\\\. Thanks to Zelda Dungeon for picture .\\\

Now you have the Deku Shield! Dun dun dun dun!!!!
By going to the Pause screen, move the screen with R and Z
to the Quest Item Screen. Hover the analog stick over the
Deku Shield and hit A. It should be equipped to you now.
You now can protect yourself with the R button!

Go to Mido now where you previously were, and talk to him.
He'll see that you have a Sword and a Shield. Reluctantly,
he'll let you pass, but will still say "A wimp is still a

Great Deku Tree--------------------------------{2.00}
Hearts: <3 <3 <3 

Gold Skulltullas: None


Now we really begin the quest in the first dungeon. So
from where Mido let you pass, proceed forward. You will
find yourself attacked by Withered Deku Babas, those are
the plant-like creatures that just popped out of the ground.

This is where your first real duel begins. Face them and
Z-target them. Hold the z button and attack with your
sword by using the b button. I recommend a jump attack,
which is used by taking your sword out, z-targeting, and
pressing the A Button.

Withered Deku Baba
Level: */////////
Weapon: Body
eWeapon: Sword

||||||N          O             T              E|||||
|     Whilst Z targeting an enemy and you are      |
|     unsure what to do, hit the (C)+^ button to   |
|     know what to do. Your trusty fairy parter,   |
|     Navi, will tell you what to do most of the   |
|     time.                                        |
||||||                                         |||||

You should see the Deku Baba drop an item. It will
look like a stick, just run to it and you will automatically
pick it up. It's the Deku Stick! Dun dun dun dun!!!!

///////////////////NEW ITEM\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
|||||             Deku Stick                  |||||
You can use these sticks to smack enemies, but more
importantly, to light the end of it for a short
time to light torches
|||||                                         |||||
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\NEW ITEM////////////////////////

So go to the start/pause screen, scroll through the
different screens until you find the one with the
Deku Stick. Scroll over it with the analog stick.
But rather than pressing A, hit either C down, C
left, or C right. It will put the item on that button
and will automatically trigger the action of that
item on that C button when you hit it there. It does
not matter which button you put it on, so much as
it is on one of them.

Before we proceed, let me tell you something. Navi,
your fairy partner, at first is a bit helpful. You
may go, "Oh, so that's how you do it!" at first. But
later, when you get experienced and know what to do-

I was just going to tell you that now, so you don't
feel alone on that one.

Anyways, walk forward to the Deku Tree. He will talk
to you and welcome you. He has a curse on him and you
need to take it away. When he asks if you have the
courage say "yes" and his mouth will open.
Walk into his mouth and enter the Great Deku Tree.

When you're in the Great Deku Tree, you should find a
large cobweb on the ground and the atmosphere seems very
old and treeish, he is a tree. Proceed to the left and
you will find a ladder. Also, you will see a plant-like
creature. Go kill it.

Deku Baba
Level: **////////
Weapon: Body
eWeapon: Sword

It's just like the Withered Deku Baba, however it has the
ability to hit you with it's head and has more area. Still
very easy. Kill it and it will drop an item. Pick it up.
It will either be a Deku Stick or a new item, the Deku

///////////////////NEW ITEM\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
|||||             Deku Seed                   |||||
Once you pick up the Deku Seed, you can select it
to one of the C buttons. It will paralyze enemies
very briefly and is quite handy when attacking
new foes.
|||||                                         |||||
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\NEW ITEM////////////////////////

Now climb up the ladder. Go around and hop past the
platforms. Eventually you will get to a vine wall.
Ignore that for now, just go to the treasure chest
and press the A Button to open it.

///////////////////NEW ITEM\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
|||||             Dungeon Map                 |||||
The Dungeon Map will portray the many various rooms
in the Dungeon you are currently in. The blue rooms
are the ones you visited and the blank ones are the
rooms that you have not yet reached. It will also
portray the different floors.
|||||                                         |||||
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\NEW ITEM////////////////////////

So once you've gotten the map, proceed onward to a
door. Navi will tell you some pointless information
about the Door and how to open it. Wow. Just press
A and proceed forward. You will meet a creature
that pops out of a flower called a Deku Scrub.

Deku Scrub
Level: **////////
Weapon: Deku Nuts
eWeapon: Shield to reflect the projectiles.

Simply aim by using the Z-targeting function, and
crouch down whilst holding your shield with R. Wait
for the Deku Scrub to shoot and your shield should
deflect it right back at him. He will start to run
around like some crazy guy on steroids, just go
towards him and he will plead for help. Forgive me
master! Good grief. He'll tell you pointless info
about falling and if you hold the analog stick forward
while you fall you will just roll forward and not
harm yourself.

The door that had bars on it will remove its bars
and you can go forward. Open the door to find a room
with a magical platform floating. Amazing. Hop on the
platform and jump forward to the farthest one. Open
the Treasure Chest with the A Button and get the
Fairy Slingshot.

///////////////////NEW ITEM\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
|||||           Fairy Slingshot               |||||
Go to the Equipment Subscreen and equip the Fairy
Slingshot with any C button you want. It can be
used to fire Deku Seeds at any given target. It
may or may not have an affect on somethings. Hold
the C button you equipped the Slingshot to to load
the deku seed and shoot it. Tilt the Analog Stick
backwards to move your direction up, or forwards to
move your direction you are facing down. Same
applies for the sideways way.
|||||                                         |||||
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\NEW ITEM////////////////////////

You may have noticed that the magical floating platform
fell and no longer could be used. Well take out your
newly gained Slingshot and shoot the ladder hidden
up above the platform to make it fall down. Climb up the
ladder and proceed forward. Go back to the point with
the vines on the walls with the treasure chest that
got you the dungeon map. Now Z target to the spider-like
creatures known as Skullwalltulas. Once you have Z-targeted
them fire them with a slingshot. Do the same for all of them

Level: */////////
Weapon: Body
eWeapon: Slingshot

MAKE SURE YOU SHOOT ALL THREE DOWN. The third one is really
high up and you'll have to really search around with your
first-person mode (C up or slingshot) to find it. Shoot it
down, and climb up the vines.

Once you've climbed up the vines, go around the platforms
to open a door. Open the door and proceed forward. You'll
be on a platform above the ground. You should see a torch.
Take out your Deku Stick and light the Deku Stick with the
torch. Light the torch right next to it with your Deku Stick.
Then, jump down onto the floor. Go to the left and a Skulltulla
will jump down.

Level: **////////
Weapon: Body
eWeapon: Sword, Slingshot

Just wait for it to flip around for its soft side. Then, hit
it with your sword. After a couple hits it will die. Now go
back up the vines and step on the switch. The platforms on the
lower ground will rise. Hop on the one in front of you and then
hop on the one to the left. Open the chest for a Recovery Heart
and then walk forward to find a Gold Skulltulla.

Gold Skulltulla
Level: */////////
Weapon: Body
eWeapon: Sword, Slingshot

Kill it by hitting it a couple times. You will then see a Skull-like
token. Walk forward to it, and you will get the Gold Skulltulla Token.
You'll later see why you need to collect these. Just go back down the
platform and then climb up the vines back onto the main platform.
Hop on the switch again and go forward both platforms onto the platform
due North. Kill the Withered Deku Baba, cut the grass to get some
supplies, and open the treasure Chest. You will get the Compass.

///////////////////NEW ITEM\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
|||||             Compass                     |||||
The compass will display where hidden items are on
the map, and where the boss is on the floor. It's
not that useful, but at sometimes can actually be
a lifesaver.
|||||                                         |||||
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\NEW ITEM////////////////////////

So go back through the door you got in the room. Go to
a part of the platforms that has an opening that isn't
blocked by a large spiderweb. Once you walk forward to
one caution, a big skulltulla will drop down and attack.

Big Skulltulla
Level: **////////
Weapon: Body
eWeapon: Sword, Slingshot

It's just like the Skulltulla but it is larger. Kill
it and position yourself just right at the edge of
the platform. Look down by going into first person
mode with C up, make it so that you're right above
the big cobweb at the bottom of the Deku Tree. Now,
jump down. Make sure you fall right into the center.

If done correctly, the web will stretch and stretch
until it brakes. You are now in the first basement

Go to the platform without the torch and switch. Cut
the grass, get some hearts. Jump onto the shallow part
of the water and walk forward to the platform with the
torch. Step on the floor switch to activate the torch,
it will stay ignited. Before doing anything, open the
treasure chest to get a Deku Stick >?<. Now turn to the
cage and destroy the Gold Skulltulla. Jump forward to
get your second gold skulltulla. Then turn to the vines
and kill the gold skulltulla with a slingshot. Jump
forward and climb up the vines to get your third gold

Now go to the platform with the newly lit torch. Take
out a Deku Stick, light it, hop across the shallow part
of the water and bring the Deku Stick (which should be
on fire) to the webs covering the door behind it. That
door is on the opposite platform.

Deflect the Deku Scrub's projectile(s) with your shield
and hit it back. Walk towards it and it will "teach you
something cool". Blasphemy! Anyways, he will tell you that
you will find Deku Scrubs ahead guarding the boss of this
dungeon's chamber. He says you need to defeat them in the
proper order, 2, 3, 1. Twenty-three is number one.

Once you've done and learned that, see the eye above the
door? Shoot it with your slingshot. It will close and the
bars on the door will go away, giving you the opportunity
to surpass it. So, open it and go forward.

Now you're in a new room. Navi will tell you some pointless
information about diving. Bleh. Jump in the water and go to
the left area of it. Dive and you should see a floor switch.
Hit it. Rise back up. The water will lower, so go up the
stair-like thing to get back up the first platform. Now jump
on the floating platform and go under the deadly metallic
safely, because it can't reach you. Once you get to the edge
jump off and get onto the farther platform.

Cut the grass, kill the Skulltulla, and then go to the block.
See that there is a ditch in the ground? Well go to the
side that isn't the ditch and face the block. Press A to
push it into the corner of the ditch. Now climb up the
block by using Analog Stick towards the block and then
A. Then from the block, use it as a step to get onto the
ledge of the platform directly infront of you. Open the
door and go forward.

Kill a Deku Baba and get a Deku Stick. Light it with the
lit torch and light the other two that aren't lit. Go
forward and kill the skulltulla. Wait! Don't run directly
through the middle of the room. Instead, go around the
edges. This is to avoid an annoying fight. So walk around,
get your Deku Stick out and light both cobwebs. You should
see a narrow tunnel, enter it and crawl through.

You'll find yourself in the first room you reached when
you jumped through the web. Except you're on the platform.
Now push the block you see down the ledge with A until it
falls in the water. Jump down to where the block is and
go to the platform with the lit torch. Light your Deku
Stick. While holding the lit Deku Stick, jump onto the
newly pushed block and climb up onto the platform next
to the block. Run to the web on the ground and roll
while holding the lit deku stick. To roll, simply
run with the analog stick while pressing a. You should
roll with the fire on the deku stick and it will catch
on the web.

You will fall down into a pool of water. If you're hearts
aren't filled all the way dive down into the water to get
a recovery heart and replenish your health. Walk forward
to the Deku Scrubs and defeat them in the order you learned
earlier. 2, 3, 1. So, defeat the middle one first, the one
on the right second, and the one on the left third.

Now they will let you pass into the final chamber of the
boss; which is Queen Gohma. IT'S CLOBBERIN' TIME! Turn to
the Boss Guide Section of this guide. In case you do not
know where that section is, go to the top of this page. There
should be a Table of Contents there.

Defeat Queen Gohma, Take the heart container
(giving you your fourth heart) and step out of the portal.
Be sure to save as soon as you defeat her. Save by going
to the start screen and pressing B.

To Hyrule and Beyond!--------------------------{2.50}
Hearts: <3 <3 <3
Gold Skulltullas: III/C
Now you should listen to the Great Deku Tree. He'll tell
you about some stuff. I recommend that you listen to him
to get a better understanding of the game. He'll say a
wicked man from the desert (this will make more sense
later!) cast the curse upon him. You'll then see the
evil Gerudo Man (Ganondorf) on his horse galloping through
fire. This could easily be the most awesome part of the
game. But it's not- you'll figure out later.

Ganondorf is attempting to get to the Sacred Realm, but
one can only get there by gaining the three Sacred Stones:
The Kokiri Emerald, the Goron Ruby, and the Zora Sapphire.
You will need to play the song of time on the ocarina of time
to get in too.

He will then explain how the goddesses created Hyrule.
Another awesome part of the game. The goddesses are Farore,
Din, and Nayru. You will then see Three Golden Triangles
together to form one. That is the Triforce. Holy as it is.
Behold it. Eventually, The Great Deku Tree will give you
the Kokiri Emerald. Then, he will say his final words:

{{I entreat ye... Navi...
Good...bye...|The Great Deku

///////////////////NEW ITEM\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
|||||           Kokiri Emerald               |||||
This is the Kokiri Emerald held by the Great Deku
Tree! It is one of the three gems that need to be
collected to enter the Sacred Realm.
|||||                                        |||||
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\NEW ITEM///////////////////////

Before that he told you to go to Hyrule Castle, so let's
go! Proceed forward to find Mido blocking your way out.
Heh, now it's just backwards. He thinks you killed the
Deku Tree, but (as you should know) you did not. He
will, reluctantly let you pass. Proceed onward.

Nothing really to do that would drastically effect
the gameplay. So- from the exit of the Great Deku Tree
jump across the small platforms on the little lake.
Follow the path.  You'll see an exit. Go through it.

Now you'll be walking past a bridge in the Lost Woods.
You'll be stopped by Saria, talk to her and she'll say
how you (Link) have always been different from the
Kokiri. She talks about how she "knew" you'd eventually
leave the forest. Though by talking to the character
right outside of the entrance to the bridge, he'll say
that any Kokiri who leaves the forest will die. Though
he may have said this, Link will automatically run
from Saria. She'll give you the Fairy Ocarina.

///////////////////NEW ITEM\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
|||||            Fairy Ocarina               |||||
This is the Fairy Ocarina given to you by Saria!
You can set it to C to play notes. The different
notes are (from lowest pitch to highest): A, C(v),
C(>), C(<), and C(^).
|||||                                        |||||
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\NEW ITEM///////////////////////

Boss Guide---------------------------------------{BG}

Here I show how to beat the bosses and mini-bosses
found in each dungeon. These techniques are the
ones I find best. There may be others, but the ones
I like to use are the ones I am putting.

Queen Gohma-----------------------------------{B1.00}

Queen Gohma is the first and easiest boss of the game.
Firstly, walk in the center of the room. Use C up to
go into first person view. Scroll up to the top of the
room, and look at Queen Gohma in the eye. The battle
will then commence. She will come down and try to
attack you. When her eye is read Z-target her and then
hit her with your slingshot. Her eye will flash green
and other colors and will be paralyzed. While she is
down attack her with your sword. Be sure to use the
Jump Attack (Z-Target + A) because it counts as two
hits. When she climbs to the top of the room she
will (grosely enough) make babies and drop them down.
Just keep Z-targeting her while she climbs up and
you will see her eye is read. Shoot her with your
slingshot now! Rather than having to kill the babies,
you can just skip that and attack her directly. If
you miss the opportunity, she will drop babies to
attack you. Just attack them back with your sword.
They are really easy. And continue the process of
shooting her in the eye when its red and then
attacking her with your sword. If you are out of
ammunition just go around the sides of the room
and cut down the grass. There should be Deku Seeds
in there.
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