Credit Where Credit is Due

I'd like to take this opportunity to mention that this FAQ is a rework of an unfinished project started by user fireangle. As his spirit remains in this work no matter how much I torque around the words, he deserves an honorable mention.

In this FAQ, my goal is to gather and synthesize what is known about playing through this masterpiece of a game, and then make it public on the wiki once I've finished it. I'm playing through the game as I write this FAQ, so that I can make every direction as detailed as I can.

Now, without further delay...

Starting the Game

Power up the game, whatever console you are playing it on these days, and wait for the "press start" to come up. Hit start, as the screen suggests, then select a file (1, 2, or 3) and decide on a name for yourself. Keep in mind that the character who's shoes you're about to step into is typically referred to as Link, so many people chose that name. Feel free to be creative though! Hit end to finish selecting the name, then select the file one last time and choose yes. Your adventure will now begin!


You will now see a short video. These happen occasionally in the game, just sit back and enjoy. The only thing you will need to do is hit A to occasionally forward the diologue.

Kokiri Forest

Link's Tree House

Once Navi finishes accosting your character, you will gain control of your actions and find yourself wandering around in your house. Look as much as you like, but there really isn't much to do in here. When you are ready head out the door in the northwest corner.

Kokiri Forest

Welcome to Kokiri Forest! While you are on Link's porch a local by the name Saria will approach on the ground. She is one of the game's more important sub-characters, so go ahead and jump down the ladder and speak with her. You can poke around the village a little afterwards if you like, but you will quickly discover that you cant do all that much right now. Once you're ready, follow the road from Saria north, and then to the east. Jump across the small pool of water to the large arch that leads to the Great Deku Tree. Speak with Mido, the Kokiri character standing there blocking your path. He will give you quite the facefull of 'tude, and refuse to let you pass until you find both a Sword and Shield.

Turn around, jump across the water, and follow the path right past Link's Tree House. Almost on the other side of the village from Mido you will come across a path that goes uphill, take that path. Enter the fenced-in area at the top of the hill (which is known collectively as the Kokiri Training Ground), and work your way back to the south wall. Read the signs along the way; they contain important combat-related information that you will need to know later. Once you've reached the back area, enter the small tunnel in the wall by standing in front of it and pressing A. Crawl through to the tunnel's other side by holding forward, just like you were walking.

Once on the other side, turn to (link's) left. Careful here, there is huge boulder rolling around in a square-shaped pattern just ahead. Wait until you see it, then immediately follow the boulder's as it rolls down a passage to the right. Keep after it as it makes a left, then break off from it and make a right at the end of the next passage. You'll find yourself in front of a treasure chest that you could probably fit 3 links into; this is a "Big Chest" (Big Chests generally have something of above average importance inside). Open it to receive the Kokiri Sword and equip it through the Equipment submenu in the pause screen.

Next we need to get the Shield, which you can obtain in the shop for the price 40 rupees. Besides the shield, there is also useful hidden upgrade we can pick up. A Deku Stick expansion is available in the Lost Woods for another 40 rupees. So your goal, at the moment, is to find 80 rupees.

Slash the bush behind the chest which, like most foliage, may produce a Green Rupee. Keep slashing every bush or shrub you see from here on out on our little rupee hunt. After practicing your... "gardening skills", turn around and wait for the boulder to roll by (some anti-theft device, eh?). Run left to the end, into the small alcove. Take the Blue Rupee (Blue Rupees are worth 5, just as a Nickel is worth 5 Pennies.) and slash the bush there taking any rupees it produces. Turn around, and wait for the boulder to roll by again. Run left around the corner, then take another left where the grass ends. Take the blue rupee at the far end of this passage, then slash the bush which should (hopefully) yield another Rupee. Crawl back into the tunnel and return to the Kokiri Training Ground.

On the outside of the tunnel, Z-Target one of the rocks to the left. Begin performing backflips (hold back and press A) over and over again until you reach the edge of the training ground. Once you run out of room, move back towards the rock and repeat the back-flips until you are awarded both a blue rupee and a green rupee. Slash all of the bushes in the Training Ground and take any rupees they produce. From the entrance of the Training Ground, look north (the little yellow arrow on the mini-map in the bottom-left corner of the screen should point up). The giant tree stump down the hill and across the path is Mido's House; go inside.

Mido's House

Mido is a prick, as you've already discovered, and were here to get even. Open all of his treasure chests for 11 Rupees and a Recovery Heart (2 Blue Rupees, 1 Green Rupee, and 1 Recovery Heart). Now that we've robbed Mido blind, leave his house. (Interpret what we've just done however you want, but really, have you got a better story for that? *grin*)

Kokiri Forest

Go around behind Mido's House where you will find a ledge that you can climb up on. Look in the small crevice behind his house to find another Blue Rupee. Now, hop back down in front of Mido's House and look to the left to see a number of platforms in the water. Run directly at these platforms, and right across them. If you do it properly, Link will automatically jump across the water from one to the next as you run along. If you do this without winding up in the water and make it to the opposite shore you will receive a Blue Rupee as a reward.

At this point we have obtained all of the Blue Rupees that are present in the village natrually. The rest of the total that we need must be obtained randomly from the Kokiri Children's houses or from the bushes around the area. The house in the southeast corner has the most rupees (six in the pots, pick them up and smash them against the walls to get the rupees), and since leaving then entering the house will respawn the pots. Entering and leaving the houses will also respawn the rupees you can obtain by jumping across the platforms along the pond and elsewhere. So keep smashing pots and playing hopscotch until you have 80 Rupees.

Now that you have the rupees, approach the building in the northeast corner of Kokiri Forest. You will be stopped by a girl sitting on a balcony, who will give you a basic lesson in Z-Targeting. Follow her instructions if you need to learn, then enter the building she's sitting on.

Kokiri Shop

Welcome to a general store, Legend of Zelda style! There is usually one such store in every major town; they normally stock the basics, but on occasion they will have something important laying around, so it's always worth dropping in at least once. While we're here, purchase a Deku Shield from the clerk. Everything else that is sold here you shouldn't really need right now (half of it you cant use yet anyway, and the other half are as common as dirt once we start bashing baddies.) When you finish browsing, equip the shield in the pause screen just like with the sword then leave the shop. Now we're off to get that Deku Stick expansion.

Kokiri Forest

Head back to Mido's House in the northwest corner of the Kokiri Forest and climb up on the ledge behind his house again. Look around for a wall covered in vines: you can climb up these walls as if they were one giant ladder. Go to the wall and climb to the top. Walk up the hill and around the switchback, then walk into the large hollow-log themed door to enter the Lost Woods.

You probably noticed the blue-black stone with the strange eye-like symbol on it near the doorway before you entered. This object is a Gossip Stone, and for now they essentially function as clocks -- whack it with a sword and see! I'll fill you in more on the time-like function later. These things do have a few other hidden abilities but they only come up much, much later, and even then they are wholly cosmetic.

Lost Woods

Welcome to the Lost Woods! Don't go wandering off in here; while it's not technically a dungeon, it's a maze of the worst sort. Take a wrong turn and you'll suddenly find yourself back at the switchback hill that we just came from. It's loaded with secrets, rewards, and also functions as a kind of warp-network later on that gets you to-and-from far flung places. Luckily it isn't TOO complex of an area, being more or less a 4x4 grid of rooms with only a fraction of the doors actually functional.

We will return here any number of times over the course of the game to get into all sorts of mischief, but this time is short and simple (you won't be able to do much even if you do go exploring.). Head left through the log-door and ignore the two elevated logs and the dancing creature; we'll get to him in the next visit. Make another left through the hollow log-door in this area. (You should, more or less, make a big left-hand U-turn through 2 rooms.)

Take note of the patch of soft earth with a black spot in the middle here; there's a number of these scattered about in the game, and they are usually the key to getting some sort of bafflingly out of reach treasure nearby. We cant do anything with it yet, but you want to remember where they are when you spot them.

Jump off the ledge in front of you down to the floor below, and make your way to the back of the area. You will be attacked by what appeared to be a bush with a face for roots. If you rush it (or get to close at all) these retreat into the ground where you cant hurt it. The secret is to Z-Target the Business Scrub, and back off far enough that they try to attack again. Hold up your shield when it fires a nut at you, and you'll bounce it right back at the poor critter! (You can manage to hit it a few other crafty ways, but that's by far the easiest). Speak with it after it's been struck, and it will offer to upgrade the total amount of Deku Sticks you can carry to 20 for the price of 40 rupees, take this deal.

Return to the opposite side of the valley and climb the ladder back to the top. Go through the hollowed log, then return to the Kokiri Forest my making 2 rights in a row (or a right and a left if you want to intentionally go the "wrong way" and get thrown out of the forest that way. Whatever floats your boat.).

Kokiri Forest

Head all the way over to the east part of the area, back across the pond, to Mido and the passageway he's blocking. Since you've managed to live up to his challenge by finding a Sword and Shield, he'll let you pass (grudgingly). Now that he's dealt with, enter the passage. Around the bend and down toward the end a cluster of Deku Babas will sprout out of the ground. These guys die in one hit from your sword, and leave behind Deku Sticks. Kill them or dodge them, whichever you prefer, and make your way through to the Deku Tree.

Tree's Clearing

"That is one big damn tree"

~Colonel Miles Quaritch, Avatar (Movie)

After a short bit of dialogue, The Deku Tree will pose a test for Link and Navi. You are now tasked with entering his mouth in order to find and defeat the parasite that has been placed in his roots. There's nothing all that interesting in the room otherwise, so head on in.

Dungeon I: Inside the Deku Tree

"Inside the Deku Tree" is a pretty simple and straight forward dungeon. Given that you are inside a tree, there's really only 2 directions: up and down, with a few sideways branches. The Trunk has four main levels: the 2nd Floor, 1st Floor, Basement, and a Sub-Basement. In order to progress through the dungeon, you must find a way to get to the four different levels of the Trunk and, eventually, into the Sub-Basement where the dungeon's boss resides.

Inside the Deku Tree - The Trunk

Start by killing the Deku Babas in the corners of the room, these are a bit more aggressive then the previous ones, so watch out. Hold your shield while Z-Targeting to deflect their attacks, then go for the stem to take them out. Pick up any Deku Sticks and/or Deku Nuts that they drop, then slash the bushes against the northeastern wall, they'll produce recovery hearts if you need them, or rupees if you dont. Climb up the ivy wall in the northern part of the room and slash the bushes at the top. Now run to the right along the platform, being careful not to fall. Ignore the Skullwalltulas (the noisy spiders on the wall) for now, they aren't going to attack, and you cant reach them with an attack right now anyway. Open the big chest part of the way along the ledge to find the Dungeon Map (these let you see the layout of the entire dungeon in the menu screen; green rooms are places you've been). Keep going right along the ledge, jump the gap and enter the door you come to.

Inside the Deku Tree - Deku Scrub Room #1

You'll encounter a single bush in the center of the room, which promptly turns out to be a Deku Scrub. Defeat it the same way as we did with the Business Scrub in the lost woods, that is, by reflecting the Deku Nut he fires back into his face with your shield. The Scrub will then get up and start running around the room (squeaking annoyingly). Chase it into a corner and talk to it. It will give you a helpful tip, then unlock both of the doors in the room before walking off-screen and vanishing entirely. Now go northeast through the door into the next room.

Inside the Deku Tree - Slingshot Room

Hop onto the hovering block and quickly run across to jump onto the ledge; the platform gives out under you within seconds and falls away. Open the Big Chest to find the Fairy Slingshot (the Bullet Bag x30 is aquired (silently) at the same time). Turn to the right and climb the ivy wall. Open the chest at the top for a Recovery Heart. Turn around and look down, towards the door that you came in. Equip the Fairy Slingshot to a C-button of your choice and nail the ladder hanging above the door with a shot to make it drop. Cross the little chasm then climb up the ladder and head back to the Trunk by going through the door.

Inside the Deku Tree - Deku Scrub Room #1

Since this room is now completely empty, just walk right through it, and exit via the door on the other side of the room.

Inside the Deku Tree - The Trunk

Jump back to the ledge to where you opened the chest for the Dungeon Map. Use the Slingshot to shoot down the three Skullwalltulas clinging to the ivy wall (you probably wont be able to Z-target the 3rd, highest, one so aim manually to take it down). Once they are out of the way, climb the wall to the top (you can climb sideways while on ivy by directing the control stick left or right). Take a left at the top to reach the highest level of the Trunk.

Jump off the ivy wall when you are over the top ledge. Ignore the Big Skulltulas who drop down, and keep going to the left until you find a door, enter it.

Inside the Deku Tree - Compass Room

Turn to the right and step on the switch next to the lantern. The three platforms in the center of the room will begin to rise, and a tick-tock background tone will begin, signifying that this change only lasts for a short(ish) time. Quickly jump along them to the ledge in the back of the room. Open the Big Chest to find the Compass. Kill the Deku Baba -- this one is the weaker variety -- and take the Deku Stick it drops if you don't already have at least one (we're about to need one). Drop back down off the cliff and return to the room's entrance. Use the ivy wall in the northwest corner to climb back up.

Step on the switch again, and this time use the platforms to reach the small alcove only halfway across to the Big Chest's ledge. Jump past the Big Skulltula and open the chest for a Recovery Heart. Kill the Gold Skulltula in the back of the alcove to get Gold Skulltula Token #1 (I'm going to number them so you can track down which one is where). Skulltula Tokens can be redeemed at the House of Skulltula in Kakariko Village for rewards. Some rewards are good, some... aren't. Many gamers consider having captured all 100 tokens (yes, there are exactly 100 in the game) as a significant achievement. You can't Z-target a Gold Skulltula, making them just that little bit more difficult to nab. Thankfully the tokens are Z-targetable, which is helpful later on.

Head back over to the switch by hopping down then climbing up the ivy again. Whip out a Deku Stick next to the lantern, pass the end of it through the fire and the tip of the stick will begin to burn. Run over to the torch on the other side of this ledge that is conspicuously not burning, and pass the now-flaming deku stick through it to light it. The door will unlock, so we can exit this room now.

Inside the Deku Tree - The Trunk

Head to the right, ignore the first Big Skulltula, but take out the second one you reach. To kill it, Z-Target it and wait for it to spin around: it's backside is vulnerable. Use a Jump Attack when it does this and you'll kill it in one strike. Now jump off the edge behind the (now dead) Skulltula, and land on the circle of spiderwebs all the way down on the first floor of the Trunk. You will have to aim (you can miss of you're not careful, and if you do you'll have to climb all the way back up here and try again.). If you land right, you'll smash through and wind up in the basement area.

You'll land in water: this area is partially flooded. Climb up out of the water onto the ground left of where you landed. Kill the Deku Baba, then turn around and nail the Gold Skulltula on the wall behind you, and use the vines it was on to reach and claim Gold Skulltula Token #2. Drop back down into the water and swim into the shallows, then pull yourself up onto the ledge on to the northeast (To the right of that other Gold Skulltula). Take it out, then jump off the ledge into Gold Skulltula Token #3 to collect it, then climb back up onto the platform.

Step on the switch to activate the lantern, then open the chest behind the lantern to find a Recovery Heart. Light a Deku Stick on the lantern, then quickly jump out into the pond so that you land in the shallows. From there, jump to the southwest ledge (where the Deku Baba was) and use the flaming Deku Stick to burn away the layer of spiderweb in front of the door there. Now that we can get to it, go through this door.

Inside the Deku Tree - Deku Scrub Room #2

There's another Deku Scrub here, and not much else. Take it out by deflecting the Deku Nuts it fires right back at at it with your Shield. (The Slingshot wont work, it just pisses the thing off). Chase it down and he'll give you a secret code "2-3-1" which is the key to solving the final puzzle in this dungeon.

Look up above the west door, and spot a Silver Eye. Shoot it with the Fairy Slingshot to unlock the door then go through to the next room.

Inside the Deku Tree - Trap Room

In this room there is a floating platform moving back and forth over the pool of water you need to get over. Unfortunately, there is also a large spinning pole covered with spikes blocking the platform's path. To circumvent this obstacle, jump into the pool and swim over to the left end of the spike pole. Underwater, right in front of the grate in the wall under the spikes there is a button, swim over it. Now press and hold the A button to dive down to the switch and activate it.

Once the switch is activated, the pool drains partially, lowering the platform enough that you can stand on it and pass under the spiky beam safely. You have to move quickly, once time runs out the pool floods again! So get back to the room's entrance and jump off of the edge onto the floating platform. Once you've passed under the trap to the other side of the pool, jump off of it and onto the opposite ledge.

Kill the Big Skulltula, and walk over to the left of the large stone block. Follow Navi's instructions on how to push blocks and move it all the way to the right. Once it's in place, climb up onto it then jump up to the door and go through.

Inside the Deku Tree - Torch Room

You'll see a Deku Baba right in front of you, with a few torches near it. Take it out and use its Deku Stick to light the two unlit torches by passing through the lit torch with the Stick then carrying the flame to the other 2, just like before. The door on the north side of the room will now unlock, so lets head through it. (This type of puzzle is quite common in the Legend of Zelda universe.)

Inside the Deku Tree - Small Nest

Kill the Big Skulltula right in front of you then walk out into the center of the room. Run around in circles in the center of the room, this will provoke the Gohma Larva hanging from the ceiling to drop down and attack. They are aggressive little things, but they are pretty easy to kill. A single Jump Attack will kill them, otherwise you'll have to chase them around once you hit them the first time. Try to avoid their charge attack, you can tell they are about to do this when their eye turns red. Once they're dead, were safe in this room.

The webbing wall in the northeast corner with a Deku Baba behind it is a dead end, so ignore it (for now: you will need bombs to get through it much later), the other web wall is the one we're intrested in. Light a Deku Stick on the torch and use the lit Deku Stick to burn that webbing, revealing a small tunnel. Crawl through it.

Inside the Deku Tree - The Trunk

Head left (ignore the Deku Babas unless you're out of deku sticks), and push the stone block along it's dug out path, all the way off the ledge. Jump down, and across to the platform with the torch. Light a Deku Stick on the torch, then jump back across onto the block. Climb back up, then run to the webbing covering the floor. Do a Roll attack (while holding forward, hit A.) while on the web. The flaming stick should make contact with the webbing as you roll, burning it away. Drop down the new hole to the sub-basement level.

You will land in a pool of water. Swim north to the shore, and three Deku Scrubs will start attacking you. If you Recall the hint from Scrub Room #2, then this will be an easy puzzle. You have to strike the scrubs in a specific order in order. The middle (2) goes first, the far right (3) goes second, and the left (1) goes last (using the hint 2-3-1). When you strike the first two they will be stunned; the last one however, will begin running around the room just like the previous Deku Scrubs you've fought. Chase it down and it'll give up; He'll also let slip the Dungeon Boss' secret: she (it's a queen-type insect thing after all) is only vulnerable while stunned.

After the three Deku Scrubs are gone the door will open. Go through to the game's first boss.


Run to the center of the room, then go into First-Person view (C-Up) and look towards the ceiling to begin the boss fight.

Gohma is actually essentially a gigantic Gohma Larva. The only real diffrence is that she has considerably more health, climbs around on the walls and ceiling, and occasionally pops out a few Gohma Larva to distract you. Defeating Gohma is rather easy. To stun Gohma, shoot her in the eye with the Slingshot while her eye glows red.

To get the jump on this fight, Immediately Z-target Gohma; she opens with her charge attack, so shoot her in the eye with the Slingshot to stun her. Now nail her with a Jump Attack then slash away. After one or two attacks, Gohma will run away and crawl up the ceiling.

Keeping her Z-Targeted, try make sure you can see her eye even while she is on the ceiling. Once she stops moving around, she starts trying to spawn Gohma Larva to annoy you with. If you shoot her eye before she does so however, then she will fall to the floor and be stunned for a VERY long time. You can easily get in three or four more Jump Attacks at this point, which is more then enough to take her out. If you dont do enough damage, or miss her eye when she's on the ceiling, then kill the Gohma Larva, and do the loop again, because this is the point at which the boss's attack pattern resets.

As an aside, generally speaking, when trying to figure out what part of the boss hurt it when struck, start with the eye. For some strange reason Legend of Zelda games are big on the eye being the weak spot.

When Gohma dies she will produce a Heart Container (all bosses do this). Take it and enter the blue magic circle. It will teleported you outside of the Deku Tree.

Tree's Clearing

The Great Deku tree will congradulate you, and ask you to listen to his story. Agree, and you will be treated to another cinematic and some very important plot points.

Afterwards he will inform you that although by killing Gohma you have broken the curse, it was too late before you even began and he is going to die. He presents Link with the Kokiri Emerald, and instructs you to seek out the other Spiritual Stones in order to prevent the "Evil Man from the Desert" (Ganondorf) from entering the Sacred Realm. With his last breath, the Deku Tree tells Link to go to Hyrule Castle and seek out the Princess of Destiny. He then dies. (try not to cry.)

Off to Hyrule

Kokiri Forest

You will gain control of yourself again back at the entrance to Kokiri Forest. Mido will block your path, so speak to him. Mido blames you for the Deku Tree's death then runs off, presumably to sulk somewhere. Hop across the water and take the path to the other side of the village. The Kokiri character who was originally blocking you from passing through this hollow-log door here is now gone, so exit through it.

Lost Woods - Kokiri Forest Gate

Prepare for another cinematic! You will find yourself running across a wide rope bridge, with another log-door infront of you. As Head toward it, about midway across the bridge you will come across Saria. After a short bit of dialogue She accepts that Link is leaving, and gives him the Fairy Ocarina as a parting gift before link runs off, unable to force himself to say goodbie. The game will now automatically warp you through the door to the next area.

Hyrule Field - Entrance

Welcome to Hyrule Field! Head forward and around the corner, and the simultaneously best and most annoying character in the game will stop you: Kaepora Gaebora. He'll explain how to get to Hyrule Castle, and also how your map works. Make sure you tell him "Yes," you got all that, unless you want him to repeat the entire spiel. (The impatient amoung us have had to endure his spiel 2-3 times as punishment for hammering A irritatedly.)

Ok, now for that explination of time flow. Time only moves when your not in a city, village, or dungeon, so the clock hasn't moved since we started the game until now. Now we are outside of a village, and time will begin to flow. Within about 5 minutes, dusk will fall followed quickly by night (officially signaled by a wolf cry). This, in turn, passes after about 5 minutes turning back to day (officially signaled by a rooster crowing). Different things happen in night or day, for example, the drawbridge to Hyrule is pulled up at night, and a number of enemies begin to appear around hyrule field. Sometimes important events only happen during the night or day, so it's something we will be paying attention to from here on out.

Now where were we... right, KG was boring us with simple instructions. Once he flies away, head out of the trees to where the beginnings of a road appear. Follow this road all the way to it's end to reach Hyrule Castle. Use the roll attack all the way (by continually pressing the A button as you run), otherwise it will be night time by the time you reach Hyrule Castle, and the drawbridge will be pulled up. If this happens you will have to sit around for the next few minutes waiting for morning while beating off endless sets of Stalchild triplets.

Hyrule - Drawbridge Road (daytime)

Welcome to Hyrule! Once you get over the drawbridge and into Hyrule, make an immediately left and enter the gatehouse.

Hyrule - Gatehouse (daytime)

Break every pot in this room (collecting rupees if you're low), then destroy the crates in the rear of the room by rolling into them. One of them contains a Gold Skulltula. Kill it, and take Gold Skulltula Token #4. After that, leave the Gatehouse.

Hyrule - Drawbridge Road (daytime)

Although the art in this area is very nice (for cerca 1990's graphics) there's not much else to do here, so southwest to the next area.

Hyrule - Market (daytime)

Head around to the fountain, and speak to girl in the white dress. Her name is Malon, and she is another character with a bit of importance. After you've spoken with her, enter the building behind her with a bullseye over the door.

Hyrule - Shooting Gallery (daytime)

Speak with the rather large and hairy clerk, and agree to play the game. The prize is win a Bigger Bullet Bag, and to get it you will have to shoot every rupee that appears without missing a single one.

If you miss two or less, the clerk will let you try again for free. If you miss more than two, you have to pay to play again. If you run out of rupees, you can go back to the gatehouse and smash more pots to stock up on cash again.

For this first run through the Shooting Gallery, the rupees appear in a preset order. The order is:

1.) Middle pedestal.

2.) Back shelf, one from the left, then another from the right.

3.) Jumps from the middle pedestal.

4.) Back shelf, 2 at once from the left and right.

5.) Hanging from the rack, Two rupees scroll from the right to left.

6.) Hanging from the rack, Two rupees scroll from the left to right.

Keep playing the minigame until you successfully shoot all of the targets, and the clerk will award you with the Bullet Bag x40, which increases the ammo you can carry for your Slingshot by 10. Once you obtain the prize, return to the Market.

Hyrule - Market (daytime)

You can poke around town if you like but, again, most everything else is not running or not useful yet for some reason or another. Although there isn't much to accomplish, it's still fun to explore a little. Once you're done, leave the market through the passage directly behind Malon.

Hyrule Castle - Grounds (daytime)

Say hello to Hyrule Castle! Run forward a short ways, and Kaepora Gaebora will appear again. Listen to his rant about guards, then when he flies away roll into his tree to knock a Gold Skulltula out of it; kill it for Gold Skulltula Token #5. Now since time flows here (were not technically in town anymore) hang out until nightfall. After the wolf-cry, head back to the Market.

Hyrule - Market (nighttime)

Time to get a hidden reward. Run back around the fountain, towards the Drawbridge Road. Run behind the little stall to the left, and you should coax a small white dog that was just out of sight into following you. If you accidentally attract the attention of another dog, leave the area and re-enter it. Once you have the dog in tow head right, into the alley in the far right corner of the area.

Hyrule - Back Alley (nighttime)

Enter the door second on your left.

Hyrule Castle - Little Richard's House (nighttime)

Speak with the large woman in this house, and she will recognize the lost dog as her own. She'll reward you with a Piece of Heart for finding Little Richard. Go back out to the Back Alley area.

Hyrule - Back Alley (nighttime)

Return to the Market.

Hyrule - Market (nighttime)

And now return to the Garden.

Hyrule Castle – Garden

Malon should now be standing near a long vine on the wall to your right. If she isn't standing there, that means you didn't speak to her back in the Market. You will have to return, speak to her again, come back to the Garden and wait for another Day/Night cycle to pass, return to the Market again, then finally come back to the Garden again where Malon should have now appeared.

Speak with Malon, and she'll explain that her father, Talon, went to the castle to deliver Milk, but hasn't returned yet. She guesses that he probably fell asleep somewhere around the castle, and she requests that you go and find him. There's a catch though: the guards. If they spot you they'll toss you out, back to KB's tree. Malon also gives you an Weird Egg, for no apparent reason. After a Day/Night cycle, it will hatch into a Chicken, which we will later use as an impromptu alarm clock to wake Talon.

Climb up the ivy to the top of the wall, it's kinda touchy, make sure link is actually on the vine the whole time or you'll fall off. At the top run past the gossip stone to the top of the large marble arch. Jump off of the arch and land behind the gate (what good are walls and fences anyway?). Congradulations, you've just bypassed two of the guards.

This next part is the easily the hardest part of sneaking through the Garden. You need to run up the hill to the left so that you dont get too close to the guard at the top of the hill or the guard on the road. There are three graphical pieces that make up the slope of this hill (thank god for N64's poor graphical resolution, otherwise this would be impossible to describe). You will need to run up is the panel that makes up the hillside, right up the center. Spot the cluster of flowers at the top of the hill and Run straight at them. Stay back from the road a bit as you run over the lawn, and you'll spot a curved dirt path. Follow it for a little, then break off between another pair of flowers and head for the rock wall that borders the garden in front of you. Part of the wall is weather worn so that the exposed stones work as perfect handholds; climb up here.

At the top of this wall run straight forward past another gossip stone. Jump straight off the cliff then run right into the moat (I'm not even going to count how many guards we've just dodged.). Swim down to the end of the moat until it breaks left then climb up onto the small patch of dirt. From there climb up onto the footpath and run to the left down to the end where you will find Talon fast asleep. As long as a Day/Night cycle has passed, the Egg that Malon gave you should have hatched into a Chicken. If it hasn't hatched yet, you'll have to stand around until it does. Stand near Talon so that Navi flutters near him (you can even Z-target him if you wish), equip the chicken to a C-button of your choice, then give him a face full of good ol' drumsticks and the Chicken will wake him up.

Speak with Talon, and he will suddenly remember that he left Malon behind. He'll run off, clearing the path clear so that we can rearrange the milk crates nearby allowing us sneak into the Castle Courtyard.

Push both of the milk crates through the gap in the dug out path (which was so recently vacated by Talon) so that one falls into the moat, and the other stacks on top of it. You can then climb onto the crates and jump over to the drainage hole which feeds the moat. If it's nighttime you will have to loiter around until it becomes daytime again; the guard is increased in the Courtyard at night and you wont be able to make it through. So, once it's daytime crawl through the drain to enter the next area.

Hyrule Castle - Castle Courtyard (daytime)

Jump to the left, out of the small fountain. Run left until the camera pans around to show a small garden with a guard patrolling around in it. Stand behind the tall hedge to remain hidden from the guard (if you are seen here, you'll be thrown back to the milk crate area in the Hyrule Castle Garden, not all the way to KG's tree). Wait for the guard to begin moving along the left side of the topiary in the center, then quickly run across the bottom edge of the topiary, and left until the camera angle changes again.

Here, a pair of guards patrol around a pair of fountains. Again, hide behind the hedge on the right side of the screen until the guards move into the proper configuration for you to run by. Time your run along the bottom edge so that you go when the left guard is walking between the pair of fountains and the right guard is walking along the upper edge of the right fountain. Run to the left until the camera shifts again.

Try to ignore the Rupees in the center of this topiary. They're tempting, but there actually isn't very many and the guard here does his job suprisingly well. Instead of going for them, climb to the top of the topiary by going up the stairs, then slowly walk along the wooden beam which works as a bridge over the guards head. If you fall, it is possible to make it back to hiding if you're extremely quick, but not likely; like I said, this particular guard is pretty sharp. On the other side of the topiary, run to the left until the camera changes once more.

Hide behind the stone wall until the guards move into the proper configuration to sneak by. This time around, wait for the left guard to begin walking along the left side of the statue, and for the right guard to begin moving along the upper side of the statue. Run to the left and take refuge behind another hedge.

Wait for both of the guards to pass along the left side of the topiary, and follow slowly behind the second guard as he moves along. Stop when he stops, move when he moves. As long as you stay directly behind him, he won't spot you. Once you reach the northern edge of the topiary, run through the arch to reach the center of the Courtyard, and the Princess of Destiny: Zelda.

Before you run up and talk to Zelda, there are two easter eggs in the courtyard you may want to check out. Shoot the window on the left side of the courtyard with your Slingshot, and a guard will throw a bomb at you. Look at the window on the right, and you'll see images of Mario, Peach, Bowser and Yoshi. Shoot this window for a Red Rupee (worth 20). After you've done this, speak with Zelda.

Zelda will ask you if you have the Spiritual Stone of Forest. Although you promised the Deku Tree you wouldn't tell anyone, we can trust Zelda; confirm that you have it. Zelda will then tell you about a dream she had, and offers to tell you an ancient story passed down by the royal family - but only if you don't tell anyone. Promise not to tell, and she'll basically repeat the ending to the Deku Tree's story. She will then mention the Ocarina of Time and the Temple of Time, then ask if you understand. Say you do, whether you do or not. Zelda will then stand aside and let you see Ganondorf in person for the first time (the dream sequence and/or title screen doesn't count!). Agree to look through the window, and Ganondorf will see you out of the corner of his eye. Zelda will then beg Link to help her save Hyrule from Ganondorf. Agree to help her, and she will give you Zelda's Letter. This will let you pass through the gate in Kakariko Village to Death Mountain.

Run towards the entrance to the courtyard, and you will find the way blocked by Impa, Zelda's attendant. Impa will teach you Zelda's Lullaby, easily the most important and overused song in the game. Impa will then show you back outside to Hyrule Field, and point you in the direction of Kakariko Village. But we're not ready to go there just yet. Navi recommends that we go and brag to Saria about how we're going to save the world, which is actually a pretty good idea. We'll be making a quick stop at Lon Lon Ranch along the way as well.

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