Welcome to my second walkthrough started on this site. The first I got board of and gave up writing on but this one will be different. This walkthrough is about one of my favorite Zelda games (you already know since you can see the page title) and one of my favorite challenges. Now for anyone who has played Majora's Mask you will have noticed the timer at the bottom of the screen. Well that counts down to the destruction of the world and a game over unless you reverse time. Zelda players always looking to do something harder thought to themselves one day "Would it be possible to win an entire game without reversing time?” Indeed it is possible but exceedingly hard. That’s why I’m going to supply this walkthrough for anyone wishing to attempt it. So let’s get started.

NB: I will not tell you how to complete the game only the advised ways of completing the three day challenge


Annoying things rules are but without them challenges wouldn’t exist.

  • You may only play the song of time once (when you first get your Ocarina)

That’s the only real rule but if you want to make the challenge ever harder you can add in these ones.

  • No getting any item upgrades (i.e. bigger bomb bags or quivers)
  • No additional bottles
  • No bottle items except when needed
  • No heart containers or pieces of heart (this would make a double challenge)'

So decide your rules and let’s get started.

And if you’re feeling particularly daring you could do some of these

  • No owl copy cheating
  • No owl copy cheating AND no item upgrades, additional bottles, heart containers or pieces of heart

And the mother of them all

  • No owl saving (means no saving at all meaning you have to complete the game in three hours with out making any mistakes at all!) and no owl saving with all of the above.

Part one

Part one goes from the beginning up until the end of the first third day.


Watch the cut scenes and when you can control link again cut up all the grass around you. Try and get as much rupees as possible at this part of the game as they you won’t have time once the challenge really starts. When you proceed and get control of your new midget form continue on your way cutting up any pieces of grass you see. When you get to clock town immediately go to the laundry pool and get the stray fairy. Give it back and play the bombers game. When your done go to the Deku Scrub Playground and make sure you win and get that purple rupee. Continue with the story and go to the observatory and get the moon pearl. Give it to the deku in clock town and get the piece of heart (if you are allowing yourself). Go to east clock town and run backwards behind the guard guarding the field. you should glitch through (I didn’t explain it very well, if you still cant do it try it as it changes from night to day or vice versa). Go towards the southern swamp and get the heart piece on the rode just before it. Now you should have half a heart container. There is one more piece you can get here by giving you town title deed to the deku in the swamp but that would create a block stopping you from getting in to the tower. By now it should be the second day if not your doing well get some money by repeatedly going in and out of north clock town cutting the grass. When the second day comes return to the deku play ground and win it again winning you another purple rupee (make sure you deposited your rupees in the bank first). Continue to farm money all day until midnight. Go to the inn and find ???. Give him the land title deed to get another piece of heart. Continue to farm money until the final day and go to the deku play ground again. Win it a third time to get a forth piece of heart. That gives you a heart container before you even see your first enemy (although there is one or two in the place where you get your second one but o well). Farm yourself more money and deposit into the bank again (you should now have gotten the adults wallet). Go up to the clock tower and get your ocarina back and play the song of time for the only time. Here we go now the challenge really begins. You can make no mistakes.

Part Two

Part two covers the main play part of the three day challange. yeah i know the thee parts are split up very ubevenly. kind of like monkey. the hundred chapters in that are split up into four parts of 1, 3, 11 and 85.

Owl copy glitch

Any mistake could kill you in this challenge. If something does go wrong just turn the game off to return to this point. To ensure noting does go wrong however you can use the owl copy glitch. Delete one of your files and copy your three day challenge into it. Now if something does go wrong (an example would be falling all the way to the bottom of the dungeon in snow head temple) you can just restart by deleting the screwed up file and copying it again from the second slot. The only problem with this is that you might have to delete a finished play through and while the challenge is on it restricts you to only one file. O well we'll continue anyway...

To the swamp

I will hence fort split this up into owl sections some being quite small others being quiet large. From now on don’t walk any where with link and spend as little time as possible doing anything. As you go out of the clock tower PLAY THE INVERTED SONG OF TIME. Then go back in and heal your self. When you come out again immediately go right and hit the owl statue with your sword. Proceed to west clock town withdraw 200 rupees and buy a bomb bag, a load of deku nuts and deku sticks. Run out the southern gate into the field and dash to the swamp. When you get there hit the owl statue and save!

Helping hands to horrid hags

Run towards the hags shop and do that quest as quickly as possible. Here is exactly what you have to do in this exact order. Talk to koume in the woods as a human. Then talk to kotake. Give the potion to konume. If you know the way (left right straight left right I think don’t depend on me) done bother following the monkey. As soon as konume is revived head back to the swamp entrance and save again!

Deku Palace Pals

Go into the tourist center and along the boat ride to the palace. Don’t bother going into the main chamber just go right and make your way through the maze past the guards (try not to get caught it takes up a lot of time). Buy six beans of the bean seller (for Ikana well) and make sure you bottle some fresh water. Go round the back of the palace (get caught by the guards to save some time) and make a bean flower. Continue along the tops of the garden all the way into the main chamber and learn the sonata of awakening. You’ll be caught and thrown out go to the flower opposite the palace and continue along the tops of the swamps. Learn the song of souring at the water fall and continue to wood fall. Make your way around the bridges and hit the owl statue and save! By now it should be at most around twelve o clock (ill just add in I’m doing this entire guide from memory).

Temple twists 1

Go into the temple and make your way through the first room. In the second go right into the next room and get the chest on your left (don’t bother getting the map you should know the temple well enough). Return to the main room and open the only locked door on that floor. Continue with the next puzzle (don’t bother getting the compass) and the ones after that (remember you don’t have to kill the moes only light the torches). When you get to the second floor of the main chamber again proceed to the room where you got the key and enter the room with your very first mini boss. You can beat him quite easily with one jump attack from a deku stick. Get the bow then warp to the entrance with the song of souring and exit. Don’t bother deku flying back to the owl just warp to clock town and save!

Gracious Grorons

Hurry out the north gate and towards the mountain. Use your new bow to break the ice and climb the mountain. Make sure you hit the owl statue and go to Goron village. Talk to the Goron outside and then enter the shrine and talk to the baby. Return outside and talk to kaepora gabora and follow him across. Get the lenses of truth and talk to the ghost darmani. Don’t bother following him just warp and climb the cliff. Get the Goron mask and bottle some hot springs. Poor it on the old Goron outside and learn the lullaby intro. Roll to the shrine and learn the lullaby full then head to snow head. Hit the owl statue and save. If you’re worried about time there are several places you can stop at this section. By now you should be nearing the end of the first day. If its four or five o clocks now you don’t stand much chance. You now need to get to fire arrow, powder keg and Epona before the sun sets. That’s why depending on how well you’ve been doing up to now this section can range from the easiest to the hardest. Well let’s get started.

Temple Twists 2

NB: I am doing this entire walkthrough from my head. I don’t even currently have a copy of majoras mask. It is inside my Wii which by now is probably some where over the Irish Sea finding its way to whales to be fixed. However I know nearly all of majoras mask off by heart. Snowhead dungeon however not as much as the others so forgive me if I make a mistake while talking about this dungeon.

Enter snowhead temple, ignore the white wolfols and turn right. Roll across the bridge and turn left into the main chamber. Enter the only accessible door and get the key. Go back to the entrance by warping (to save some seconds) and enter the door on your left and continue along that one way path. When you get back to the main chamber roll across the bridge and go right along the path. Cross over again and enter the wizzrobe mini boss room. Smack him to pieces and get the fire arrow. Warp out and warp to the mountain village and Save Only If You Have Done This Section Perfectly!!! You can not afford to screw up here. If you took a wrong turn once your chances could be ruined. We will move on anyway.

Exceedingly exciting explosives and epona's excellent return

Roll to the Goron village and melt the way into medigorons house thin place. Talk to him as Goron and take the barrel to the Goron race track. Use an arrow to blow it up when there and return to him to get a powder keg. Warp back to clock town and Goron roll to milk road. If you are stuck for seconds don’t bother hitting the statue just roll to the rock and blow it up using an arrow to save time. Roll to the ranch and talk to romani. If you mange to talk to her as human then well done you’ve just done the hardest bit of this challenge. Getting Epona before the first day. When I first did this I had literally two seconds to spare (I counted it afterwards). Do the mini game and take your time as the clock doesn’t move while you do it. Just make sure you don’t go over the two minute mark. After you get the song ride on out into the sun set and be happy you've made it this far as its all plain sailing from here on out. Go to milk road and SAVE!

Night of the first day, 60 hours remain

If you have any spare time of daylight head over to the gormon brothers and race them to get a garo mask. If you are allowing yourself catch a fairy here. If you don’t or when you’re finished with the gormon brothers, head over to the Ikana area and enter the graveyard. Go to captain keeta and wake him up. Goron roll towards him and pound to kill those stalfols. Transform and hit him with your sword to start the battle. Fight him what ever way you want and get the captains hat (but I don’t have the hook shot yet I hear you say. fear not for there is another way. Climb the little wall and jump across to the other side). Head back to the entrance and open the grave. If you can don’t bother with the bats inside just light the torches and proceed. Depending on your skill this could be very easy or very hard. one hit from this guy at this stage will most likely kill you if your following my walkthrough you wont have over five heart containers (all though you can still do the other two dungeons tonight and get two heart containers but I like to get this graveyard out of the way early in the night as it can only be done on the first night). Beat that iron knuckle by normal striking and back flipping. When the armor falls off bombard it with arrows. Learn the song of storms and warp back to woodfall.

Temple Twists 3

Ill make this short. Now is the perfect time to finish off woodfall and snowhead

Greedy Gerudos grabbing grey eggs

Here is a problem. You have one bottle and now have to get seven eggs. That means if you want to save time both in real life and in the game getting another bottle will be desirable. It’s not just the time thing but going back and forth to the same place four times thicks me off. Despite the game having six bottles you only really have two options for bottles. Romani's is out of the question as it takes up an entire night and two others can only be got on the third day. That leaves the beavers and the Goron races. So it comes down to what your better at. Swimming or rolling. However the Goron races also comes with gold dust which can get you a gilded sword. However although the gilded sword works wonders for twinmold and moajora something unforeseen came up when I got it. Without it I couldn’t activate the owl statues in Ikana (to be more clear i didnt have a sword when i got to there). Anyway try and get at least one other bottle. Head to greatbay (if your getting the gilded sword do this first to activate the greatbay statue) and save the Zora. Activate the owl statue and head to Gerudo pirate's fortress. Get the hook shot two Zora eggs and warp out. Return and repeat. I know you want directions just to see if I know them so ill throw them out there for you. To get the four eggs as you enter the main area (not the water area) go directly left for two and right around to the other side for one. The last (although it’s the first to get) is up the ladder and off to the side. Head to the see snakes cavern place get two eggs return to the laboratory (get lost in the misty waters twice to get to land quicker and warp). Repeat once and learn the new wave bosa nova. Go outside and save!

Temple twists 4

Go to the Zora cape play the song get on the turtles back and do the great bay temple. Directions will be given despite my claims that this walkthrough would tell you how to do every single little thing. In the second room push the switch under water and enter the main room via the water spout. Sink down to near the bottom and follow the flow of water all the way into the room with the real bomb Chu and treasure chest. Get the key head out and enter the other room with the water flowing this way. Go get the ice arrow and activate the pipe. Go back to the room where you got the key and get the bosses key. Activate the pipe in the room branching off on the way there (the room with the pure water Chu Chu). Activate the pipe in the room directly opposite the main room’s entrance. I think that’s all the pipes needed to change the flow. Enter the second room again and change the flow. Return to the main chamber and go to the higher of the two flows of water follow the path and activate the pipe at the end in the room with the Chu chus and real bombchu. Enter the room on the very bottom with the water flowing this way. Activate the last pipe and enter the bosses’ room. Kick up gyrog and get his remain. I could have simplified this all down to beat great bay temple but then I would seem lazy. And once again I am doing this all from memory so don’t be surprised if there is at least one thing over looked there. Anyway exist warp back to clock town and Save!

Well well well

By now you should be in the second day sometime. Buy a powder keg and go to the gormon brothers and win their race if you haven’t done so already. When your done enter again without Epona and buy some milk. Head towards Ikana again. Stop at the hole and get a fish. Then go to the Poe sales man wearing your garo mask and roll along the hill. Use the ice arrow and hook shot to climb the canyon and hit the owl statue.I don’t know but there’s something about Ikana that just makes me love it. Maybe it’s because the entire quest has eleven mini bosses that can’t be avoided in it. Maybe it’s the brilliant stone tower temple sound track or maybe it’s just the fantastic in dept story about the dead that want to move on. Anyway let’s continue with the walkthrough. From the canyons edge, roll to the cave and play the song of storms inside. Watch the annoyingly long cut scene of the gidbos dieing and exist again. After Pamela walks inside place down a bomb and hide behind the house until she is gone. Enter go under the house and play the song of healing (isn’t that orchestral version amazing?). Roll to the well at the top of the valley. I hope you still have those deku nuts I told you to get at the start of part two. When you enter take the right hand door using your magic beans. Go through the next room (ignore the enemies). Talk to the gidbo on your left and give him your "deliciously fresh fish". Don’t go through his door however. Go to the other gidbo and give him you deku nuts. Go through this door and I’ve the gidbo who wants them bombs (can’t quite remember which one it is). Beat the big Poe in the next room and steal its soul. Go back to the door where you gave away your fish and give your big Poe to the gidbo directly across from you. Finally give the gidbo on your right after the passage way the bottle of overpriced milk I told you to buy from the gormon brothers. Enter and get the mirror shield. If you only have two bottles make sure when you’re doing this to give away the fish before going for the big Poe otherwise you won’t be you won’t be able to capture the Poe. This section is getting quite long so I’m going to end it now.

Combating the creepy, cursed, killed king of kana castle

In case something goes wrong don’t fight the Garo outside the castles entrance. Head into the castle wearing the cpts hat, Gidbo or Garo mask to avoid the redeads. Use your fire arrows to open both doors and head through the left one. Fly pass the puzzles using your Deku scrub like powers. Incase you forgot in the second one you have to use the lenses of truth to find the floating ice block. Anyway outside I usually get that piece of heart. It doesn’t take too much time and you shouldn’t be that stuck for time at the moment. Only thing is its slightly hard to get back to the switch you need to press. To get around this fall back to the ground and put on the Garo mask. A Garo should pop up. Don’t fight him. Instead become Deku or Zora and walk into the flames to appear back up at the top. After you press the switch return to the castle entrance and go right. Use the light of justice to smite the floor master and open the sun block. Ignore the redeads and enter the next room. Beat the day lights out of the wizzrobe and go back outside again to the roof. Use that powder keg I told you to buy to blow apart the roof. Fall back in to the entrance hall and shine the light on to the block. The next battle can be very hard lowly equipped as you are but I'm sure you’ll manage. Enter the kings chambers and learn the elegy of emptiness (hint crouch stabbing works well).If you went for the gilded sword now would be a great time to get it back but if you still have half a night to wait this battle can be done by switching forms. Just make sure you do get the sword before you fight twinmold.

Temple Twists 5

Now save and head over to stone tower temple. I have recently discovered a very quick way to climb up to the temple. It works from the second set of blocks onwards. Play the elegy of emptiness on the first block. Jump on the first block and play the song again with the same character. The block will fly back with you hitching a ride. Anyway make sure you hit the owl statue at the top and enter the temple. Get the chests in the first room and go left. Blow up the wall in front of you and use the boxes and elegy of emptiness to open the gate (Goron link has to be used to press the big switch). Bomb the brown ground without plants and fall into the place beneath. Shine the light on the block and beat up the armos as Goron link. Get the chests and use the key to open the door on the left as you come up the stairs. Change to Zora and swim over to the high ledge. Change back to link and after he has settled change to Zora again. Magic! Zora link will be about a foot in the air and is able to grab onto the ledge. Get the chest and continue down the little passage. Float to the top of the next room and get rid of the block...blocking the way back into the entrance room. Head the other way and go through the door. Use Goron link to knock away the slabs and shine the light on the mirror on the left. Wait for it to charge until the moes attack you then head into it and shine the light on the next mirror until you’re all out of light. Get rid of the block and proceed to the next room. As Deku fly around to the other side and enter the next room. Inside you will be confronted with a malicious laugh. Defeat the Garo Master and claim the light arrow. Don’t bother walking back just warp back and reverse the temple. In the reversed temple take the right hand path and use the light arrow on the sun block. As Deku fly in the middle ledge and go back into that passage to press the switch. Return and get the chest and open the door in the top corner. Go thought these next two rooms using the light arrow to get across. Beat up the wizzrobe in the room afterwards and hook shot up onto the chest. Go up the stairs and fly across the gap. Take a right before going to the next room to get a key. In the next room go right straight away to enter the entrance room again. Press the switch and go back the way you came. Fly across that room again and follow the passage. In the next room is gomess which can be a very hard fight lowly equipped especially if you’re low on magic? Beat the living day lights out of him and get the bosses key. Warp back to the entrance leave and save!?

Terrible Twin Twentypeeds Twinmold

Return to the dungeon and hook shot onto the chest. Beat the eye gore on the bridge and get the giants mask. Enter the next room and hook shot your way across the spinning spikes. Enter the final room using the bosses key and jump in the sandy sky below. The reason I gave these guys their own section is because they can be EXTREMLY hard lowly equipped. I’m talking hardest boss in the series. With only three hearts, half a magic meter and the kokiri sword these guys will have you crying for mercy. Of course you should have a little bit more then three hearts (7 or 8) and you might of go the gilded sword and have at least two bottles but if you don’t then may god bless you. This is the point in the game where many people abandon the restrictions they’ve set themselves and just get loads of bottles worth of fairies and potions. Throw on the giants mask and smash wildly at them. With seven hearts they won’t be much trouble but if you have only three... At any point if you run out of magic become a Goron and roll over to a pillar. Shield at the pillar and wait until one of them breaks it and hopefully there will be a magic pot or two inside. Anyway once you’ve beaten them pat yourself on the back and continue on your way.

The Final Day

That’s it. You should have all four boss remains by now and hopefully the sun is still a bit away from setting. What ever time you have left should be dedicated to getting heart pieces. I’ve never tried it but I assume you could try and get some stray fairies if you know the temples well enough. Great bay or Snow head would be the most useful for the final battle. As for heart pieces the Deku trading quest can get you four and you can get at least four in grottos around termina field. Try and get at least two extra masks (to make you total six, Garo, cpts hat, Gidbo, giants). The Kamaro and Stone masks can be obtained regardless of the day. Basically spend what ever time you have left doing what ever you can (if you want you could even get some more bottles). Then when you’re finished and the bells in clock town are ringing warp back and S-A-V-E!

Part Three

Part three outlines the adventures on the moon and mainly just the final battle.

A cut scene in a great game that can get very annoying

Go into the tower (no need for a moons tear you can climb up) and watch the quite well done cut scene that can become very annoying when all you want to do is fight Majora. Why I gave it an entire section I don’t know. O well let us continue on.

Three of four

If you did as I advised and got two extra masks you should be able to enter three of the four dungeons up here. What use is that with out all the masks? Well its three extra pieces of heart. Make sure you don’t finish the dungeons as that'll mean you will have to give away another one to three masks. For the Deku scrub dungeon just fly over to the heart piece on the opposite side. For the Gorons one doesn’t stir until you get to the awkward turn. Keep going and follow the turns with stopping to get the piece of hear (I think). For the Zora dungeon go left for all turns except the last one (I think there is a total of four turns). When you have enough heart pieces talk to the kid under the tree to start the final battle.

Majora's Mask

This is the hardest battle of the final battle. It has two phases. For the first hit him on the back with you Zora fins. All he will do is float and use a spin attack that doesn’t always hurt you. After four hits (I don’t think it matters what sword you have it will always be four hits) the bosses remains will pop out of the wall and Majora will have a new "Laser" attack. This is why it’s hard. You have to concentrate on five things at once. Try and get one mask down at a time by concentrating on it and not hitting the others till its dead. You will know when the masks and Majora are about to attack by the sounds they make (I will not try to imitate them). Get all of the masks out of the way first then concentrate on finishing Majora himself. Use the same strategy as before. Use your Zora fins to hit him in the back and stun him. Only be careful. If you hear him make a strange noise and his ribbon tentacle things will fly out in all directions then immediately change back into Link and use you mirror shield to reflect the beam back on him. If this hits you when you’re Zora then you have to start the battle all over again. Stun and slash him until dead.


The easiest form. Just shoot him with arrows repeatedly and if you’re beside him when he falls jump slash him. If you didn’t get the quiver upgrades you might need to restock. All in all it’s quite an easy battle. He doesn’t even attack that much. The only thing you really need to be worried about is his new found insanity rubbing off on you.


Not as hard as its made out to be. This battle is actually quite easy with the right method (it’s a pity I never got to tell flashpenny that. He seemed to think this battle was the hardest thing in the series). His whips are as long as your z target range which means shielding is very important. The first method is to stun him with arrows or light arrows and then slash at him. This doesn’t work very well when lowly equipped. The second method is to become Zora again and with your shield up walk towards him until your right beside him and use your super shield (aka electric shield {but that can only be used in water I hear you say. No it can be used on land by shielding and pressing B}). He might hit you away slightly with his foot or whip but just continue on until beside him. It’ll stun him and give you an opportunity to smack him with your sword. As soon as he is recovered become Zora again repeat. As long as you shield he wont be able to do much damage to you (ive beaten this guy after being left with onl a quater of a heart due to the first battle). Watch out for his spinner things though because they do explode but all in all they shouldnt pose much of a threat. Except when he's stunned it is advised to always shield during this section of the battle. Then that’s it. You’re done and I guess well done.

Credits and me talking about how great I am

Yep I’m pretty darn amazing. When I'm old and toothless I'll look back on this and say wow I really knew that game really well. But now I'm board of talking about how great I am I don’t really do it that often. Anyway this isn’t about me it’s about Zelda and of course I need to give credits.

Thanks to Nintendo for being great and making the game and re-releasing it twice.

That’s about it actually not much more credit to give. O yeah thanks to you for reading this guide and supporting the series. If you have learned anything new from this guide or did use it to do a three day challenge then please sign here and leave a comment.

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