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Hi-Oh! Welcome to my walkthrough on The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. That's the Sally edition of the walkthrough that is.


Alright, just quick here, I'm not gonna point out where the Blue Ring and Heart Containers and all that stuff is. This will be split into parts, one for each section of the map. For the curious minded, I will be calling the locations exactly how they are named in-game for only this page, the rest will be grammatically correct, if it isn't, feel free to correct it.

Part 1

Click here to view the prologue and the Whereabouts of the Wind.

This part covers the prologue and Whereabouts of the Wind section of the game. We go through Lake Hylia, Cave of No Return, and Hyrule Castle.

Part 2

This here part covers that thing called Eastern Hyrule. If you were to using a compass to find it, mark my words, it is on the east side of Hyrule. Now with that little Hyrule Geography 101 finished, this section covers The Coast, Village of the Blue Maiden, and Eastern Temple... Something tells me that's found on the east coast too...

Part 3

This part covers the giant mountain that you see off in the distance on the map called Death Mountain. Ironically, there have been no deaths noted on Death Mountain yet. In the Death Mountain section, we go climb up a mountain to complete the following areas: Death Mountain Foothills, The Mountain Path, and Tower of Flames.

Part 4

This part covers the place called Near the Fields. I presume that there are fields in the vicinity. Anyways, this section will cover the following: The Field, The Swamp, and Infiltration of Hyrule Castle.

Part 5

This part gets dark as we cover Dark World. In this class over here, you will learn how to move on through and complete Lost Woods, Kakariko Village, and Temple of Darkness. Clicking the link provided will send you into the dark abyss.

Part 6

The sixth part here goes from darkness to a never-ending heatwave. We head on over to the Desert of Doubt. Be prepared to doubt the desert... Anyways, we cover Desert of Doubt, Desert Temple, and the Pyramid. Believe it or not, but the Desert Temple is not a Pyramid as well...

Part 7

This part does not cover why Hyrule has such drastically changing temperatures, but actually covers Frozen Hyrule. Moving on, we go through how to complete the following: Frozen Hyrule, The Ice Temple, and Tower of Winds.

Part 8

For the final part in this treacherous journey, it covers Realm of the Heavens. This final chapter in the story covers Realm of the Heavens, The Dark Cloud, and Palace of the Winds. It will also be covering the epilogue.

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