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Waking Water
A Sacred Tear surrounded by Waking Water
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Waking Guardians

Waking Water is an object in Skyward Sword.[1]


Waking Water is a mutli-color liquid found within Silent Realms. If Link touches Waking Water, the Guardians will awaken and give chase to Link, negating the effects of an active Sacred Tear until another is collected.[2] Waking Water will occasionally rise in certain spots, then recede and disappear, only to rise again.[3] Though Waking Water is normally a greenish-blue and red color, it will turn red and orange when the Guardians have been alerted to Link's presence.

Link is unable to swim in Waking Water, despite its natural world counterpart's potential depth. Instead, he will walk on top of it, as if it were a solid object. It will also prevent Link from sliding down slopes.


  • If Link looks at the Waking Water, he can see the Triforce with the Marks of the Goddesses in the center of each triangle. For some reason, Farore's and Nayru's marks appear on the left and right respectively, when it should be the opposite.


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