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Orca (ex-wife)

Wadatsumi is a character in Spirit Tracks.[2]


Usually, Wadatsumi is a resident of Papuchia Village. However, one day, he and the other men of the village were kidnapped by pirates and taken to the Pirate Hideout, just north of the village.

After Link receives a Force Gem from Niboshi in Papuchia Village, Spirit Tracks leading to the Pirate Hideout will be revealed, making it accessible for Link to enter. Inside the hideout, Link will find Wadatsumi behind bars asking for the young hero's help. In order to rescue the prisoner, Link must partake in what is sort of a minigame: he will have to defeat as many Miniblins as possible with his Bow and Arrows as they walk across the upper part of the DS screen while Link stays on the other side of the hideout. Eventually, once enough Miniblins have been destroyed, Wadatsumi and Link will get on a small type of Mine Cart to escape the hideout. As they make their way out, Miniblins will continue to follow the pair. On both occasions, if Link takes too long to defeat a Miniblin, it will throw a cage at the young hero, and if it's not destroyed using an arrow, it will capture Link, ending the rescue. At the end of the hideout is a Big Blin that will give a massive hit to the pair if he is not defeated before the escape cart reaches him.

After escaping the hideout, Wadatsumi asks Link to take him back to his wife in Papuchia Village.[3] After the young hero takes him back to the village, Wadatsumi will reward Link with a Force Gem, which establishes more Spirit Tracks in the Ocean Realm and makes way to several shortcuts in the realm. After rewarding Link with a Force Game, the young man will immediately depart for his wife's house,[4] where he will find out that his wife has left him for Dovok.[5][6] After the young hero follows him out of his ex-wife's house and talks to him, the former prisoner will inform Link that he has decided to move on from his wife,[7] and that he is considering to visit the Wise One to receive his fortune.[8]


  • If Wadatsumi returns to Papuchia Village, and his wife isn't married to Dovok, she will simply inform the young man that she doesn't love him anymore.[9]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapaneseワダツミ (Wadatsumi)[10]From 海神 (Wadatsumi), "sea god".
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