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Volga's Forces is a faction that appears in Hyrule Warriors & Hyrule Warriors Legends. There are an army of monsters lead by the Dragon Knight, Volga that live in the Eldin Caves.


Volga's Forces is an army of monsters lead by Volga and other members of the Dragon race from the Eldin Caves. Its top generals are Volga's loyal servants, Dinolfos Chieftain and Lizalfos Chieftain. Originally they remained in the Eldin Caves, staying out of wars and conflicts (presumably over possession of the Triforce) started by "Human" (Humans, Hylians, Gerudo, and Sheikah). However, the Black Sorceress, Cia the former Guardian of Time that had been corrupted by the Spirit of Evil, came to the caves, seeking to make Volga and his forces a part of her dark army.

The Dragon of the Caves

After freeing the Dark Wizard, Wizzro who had been sealed in the cave by Hyrule's Goron Forces, Cia encountered Volga, who refused to get involved in wars started by "humans", leading to a fight between Volga's Forces and Cia's fledgling Dark Forces. Volga retreated, allowing his two generals, Dinolfos Chieftain and Lizalfos Chieftain to deal with the Dark Forces lead by Cia and her new general, Wizzro. However despite having two King Dodongos on their side, the Lizalfos and Dinolfos Chieftains where defeated, despite Wizzro defecting from the Dark Forces to try and take command of Volga's Forces for himself. Eventually, Volga himself was defeated by Cia, who used her magic to brainwash both Volga and Wizzro into her top generals. Afterwards, most of Volga's Forces were absorbed into Cia's Dark Forces.

Volga's Forces

Supreme Leader


Giant Bosses



  • Bulblin Captains




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