The Volcano Summit is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Located at the top of Eldin Volcano, it is extremely hot due to the nearby crater. Due to the excessive heat, Link must obtain the Fireshield Earrings before he can travel to the summit.


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While searching for the Sacred Flames, and after obtaining the Fireshield Earrings from the Silent Realm, Link travels to the summit to enter the Fire Sanctuary. However, the entrance to the temple is blocked, so Link enlists the help of LD-301S Scrapper to carry a large basin of water to douse the flames, allowing him to enter the Fire Sanctuary. Link guards Scrapper up Eldin Volcano and guides him to the entrance of the sanctuary. Frog Tongues are first encountered here. After defeating Ghirahim for a second time, the Goddess Whitesword is infused with Din's Flame, transforming it into the Master Sword.

Link returns to the Volcano Summit in search of the Fire Dragon, in order to learn his part of the "Song of the Hero". However, the volcano is erupting, and Link is blown off course. Bokoblins ambush him and steal all of his equipment. After regaining his items with the help of a Mogma named Plats, Link finds the Master Sword and his Adventure Pouch in the summit. He then finds the Fire Dragon, and learns his part of the "Song of the Hero".

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The Volcano Summit may be an early form of Death Mountain Crater from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Both areas are within a volcano and feature extreme temperatures that Link can only endure with the protection of the Fireshield Earrings or Goron Tunic, respectively.

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