"A volcano-dwelling insect often spotted in groups. It moves little and is easy to catch."
— In-game description

Volcanic Ladybugs are creatures from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. They can be found throughout Eldin Volcano.

Volcanic Ladybugs are rather slow and are often found in small groups, but will fly away if disturbed too much by Link's quick approach or a swing of his Bug Net. While they are found on walls like Woodland Rhino Beetles, they will fly away rather than fall off if Link rolls into the wall.

Like the other insects in the game, Volcanic Ladybugs are a Potion Infusion component, used by Bertie to upgrade the stock potions Luv sells at the Skyloft Bazaar. Ladybugs are one ingredient in the Stamina Potion and the first stage of the Heart Potion upgrades.

Strich will buy Link's excess Ladybugs for 20 Rupees each at night, in his room at the Knight Academy.

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