Vision Henge

The Vision Henge is a location in Zelda's Adventure.[1] It is a large stone henge that serves as the game's starting area, where Princess Zelda begins her journey in the land of Tolemac. It is also where Zelda fights Ganon after finding all of the land's Celestial Signs.

Features and Overview

The Vision Henge is located in the desolate Plain of Andor, where it is the region's most notable landmark. It is a stone henge composed of a circle of seven stone slabs, each engraved with a symbol of the Celestial Signs. In the center of the henge is a stone podium surrounded by a tiny pond, where Zelda begins her journey in Tolemac. As Zelda leaves the henge, she is contacted by Shurmak telepathically, who introduces herself as Zelda's guide and continuously reminds her to find the Wand nearby. Zelda finds the Wand east of the podium, sitting on a small slab of stone.

After Zelda finds the final Celestial Sign in the Shrine of Fire, her victory is spoiled when Ganon's shadowy hand stops her from taking the relic, who then sends her falling into a gaping hole in the center of the henge; the gateway into Ganon's realm.[2] There Zelda fights the Shrine Keepers in a string of rematches, with the exception of Ursore who is not fought again at the henge. She faces Llort, Pasquinade, Aviana, Malmord (who transforms into a swarm of Dragonflies after being hit), Agwanda, and finally Ganon in that order. After defeating Ganon, he disappears in a twister as his realm shatters.

As peace is restored to Tolemac, the Vision Henge is seen again a final time with Zelda and Link holding hands as grass and plant life grow abundantly around the henge.


  1. "When Zelda's hearts are completely empty, she must start again from the Vision Henge; or from the beginning of a shrine if she is in a shrine when her life hearts become empty." (Zelda's Adventure manual, pg. 3)
  2. "Zelda, life is always one order more horrifying than you expect. The great evil Ganon spoiled your victory. Make haste! Do not let him out of your sight." — Gaspra (Zelda's Adventure)
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