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The Villagers are two unnamed Hylians who live in Linkle's Village in Hyrule Warriors Legends. They appear in the opening cutscene of Linkle's Tale.


One of the villagers is a young Hylian male of average build while the other one is more heavy set.


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Hyrule Warriors Legends Linkle's Tale Villagers standing outside Linkle's House (Cutscene)

The Villagers standing outside Linkle's House

As Linkle is just waking up, the villagers call out to Linkle to inform her of the recent attack on Hyrule Castle by the Dark Forces and mention that even Princess Zelda is fighting. After hearing this, Linkle rushes back it her house and dons a hooded green tunic and a pair of Crossbows. The villagers question way she is wearing such an outfit, causing her to inform them that according to her grandmother, Linkle is secretly the legendary hero. However heavyset villager points out every ones grandmother says that, causing Linkle to show them her Compass which she claims is a Magic Compass and proof of her status. Shortly their after, Linkle leaves for Hyrule Castle, leaving the two stunned villager behind.

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