"Link, are you now able to wield the Four Sword? It's a sacred sword able to smite the darkness. And that's not all. It also grants you the power to see the shadowy Dark World. The people of this village... They're being spirited away by some force. It may be that the Dark World is drawing them in. Save the villagers, Link! Bring light to their darkness!"
Kaepora Gaebora

The Village of the Blue Maiden is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. This small village is the second level of Eastern Hyrule. Named after one of the Seven Maidens, the village is about the size of Kakariko Village and shares a variation of Kakariko Village's music, transposed into a minor key. It is home to a small number of mages.


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After Shadow Link is released, he goes to the Village of the Blue Maiden and teleports the children of the town into the Dark World. When the Links arrive at the town, the majority of the town’s residents are in an uproar over the missing children. The man just to the south of the town, realizing Link can sense the Moon Gates, gives him a Moon Pearl. With its power, Link is able to open the portal, giving him access to the Dark World.

While exploring the village, Link encounters the Seeker's Guild as well as other various items, including Pegasus Boots, a Lamp, and Bombs. After collecting information from its four special agents who are studying the mysterious Mages, Link is given a Shovel and is told to search near the house of pots in the eastern part of the city.

There, Link finds a hole leading to the enclosed area to the east. With the Moon's Pearl, Link can once again travel to the Dark World where he can also acquire the Fire Rod. After talking to Sweetie in the house with four doors, she gives Link a Letter to give to her boyfriend. In exchange for the Letter, the boyfriend gives Link the Roc's Feather. With it, Link can jump over the large hole in the long house east of the Seeker's Guild headquarters. The mage inside asks Link to find Iris and give her the Magic Book. She can be found by entering the Dark World portal just outside the house. After giving her book back, she restores the missing house and the people in it.

Following the stars inside the house leads to the other side of the fence. Finally, Link must fight two Shadow Links. After they are defeated, the townsfolk thank Link for his help and wish him luck. After Link breaks the barrier, the Eastern Temple opens.

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl

The Village of the Blue Maiden's theme music appears as one of the tracks for the Pirate Ship stage. It is the upbeat version that plays while the villagers thank Link.

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