"This is the Village of Outcasts. People without Rupees are not welcome here."

The Village of Outcasts is a location from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. It is virtually identical to its Light World counterpart, Kakariko Village, excluding the basic Dark World qualities. Four of the buildings have been reduced to rubble, plants and trees have withered, and Bone Cuccos flock around the village. Most of the remaining buildings are shabby, tattered, or fenced in to keep out the many thieves that roam the streets. The village features several active gambling dens — a Shooting Gallery, a Treasure Chest Shop as well as the Treasure Field — where Link can win valuable prizes, including two Pieces of Heart. Some of the buildings also hold vast amounts of Rupees hoarded away in chests.

Featured in the center of the village, guarded by a towering Gargoyle Statue, is Thieves' Town, which houses the fourth Maiden. The Village of Outcasts is also home to a frog-like creature, who is really a blacksmith from the Light World. If Link returns the frog to his home in Kakariko Village, he and his brother will upgrade Link's Master Sword to the Tempered Sword. After he has done this, Link can go to the Dark World counterpart of the Dwarven Swordsmiths' Smithery to find a locked Treasure Chest, which he can take to the Lockpicker in the Light World to receive the fourth bottle inside the chest.

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