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Vicente as he appears in the manga
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Vicente is a character in the Majora's Mask manga by Akira Himekawa.


Vicente is first shown with Master Osun and his fellow students making swords in their castle. One of the students ask when the famous swordsman is going to arrive.[1] Vicente responds that he should arrive that day at anytime and that he must be pretty good if House Taburi recommends him.[2] Vicente adds that although he is coming to their knightly order for lessons, it would be great for their reputation to beat him.[3] Osun says it woud be great for the swordsman if he beat them instead.[4] Vicente does not believe a wandering swordsman could accomplish such a feat and asks what his name is.[5] Osun says the swordsman's name is Link.[6] A man announces that Link is out by the gate.[7] Vicente wants to see him first so he leads the group dashing through the door.[8] When Vicente's group gets to the gate, he does not see anyone.[9] He then looks down to see Link. A student says that the boy, Link, must be Link's squire.[10] Vicente scoffs, asking if Link ran off and left him behind.[11] The boy says he is Link and asks to be taken to Osun, their leader.[12] Vicente and his group stare in confusion before breaking into an uproar of laughter. Vicente laughs that Link chickened out and left behind the kid pretending to be him.[13] Link desperately tries to convince them of the truth.[14] Vicente tells the child not to press his luck and asks why they should take him seriously without proof.[15] Link holds up the Ocarina of Time, baffling Vicente and the others when he sees the mark of the Hylian Royal Family.[16] Osun arrives and tells Vicente to never judge a swordsman by appearance alone and welcomes Link to their castle.[17] Vicente answers yes sir to his mentor[18] and stands shocked when Osun says they may learn a lesson from the boy.[19]

While Vicente duels Link, he falls to the ground with his sword shattered in pieces. He questions how he can beat Link with a broken sword.[20] A student reminds Vicente that is broke after Link beat him.[21] Vicente is amazed at Link since he is not only beating them but also holding his own against Master Osun.[22] Once Link leaves, Vicente stomps off to go train.[23]


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