"You got the Vessel of Light! It's crucial to collecting the Tears of Light. If you fill it with Tears of Light, you will be able to cut through the twilight and return normal light to this place."
— In-game description

Vessels of Light are quest items from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. These bead-like magical containers are used to store Tears of Light, which can dispel Twilight. They are the only things capable of holding Tears of Light; trying to collect a Tear of Light without a vessel in which to contain it has no effect. Each Light Spirit gives Link a Vessel of Light for its respective spring; after a Vessel of Light is fully restored, it disappears into its respective spring.

Whenever a Shadow Insect is defeated, it leaves behind a small ball of light — a Tear of Light. When a Tear of Light is gathered, the Vessel of Light that appears in the top-right part of the screen is lit up. For each Tear that is collected, one "slot" in the Vessel is filled, and Link will recover one heart. Once Link has gathered all of the Tears of Light in one area, the Vessel starts to shine, dispels the Twilight, and saves the Light Spirit, after which it disappears from the screen.

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