Unofficial Name

Venus Flytraps are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. They are large, flat-topped plants found floating on the water in Woodfall Temple. They consist of a cluster of roots with six leaves at the top and three red leaves covered in teeth, with a somewhat eye-like structure in the center. Being carnivorous plants, they share a similar appearance and attack method to the real-life Venus Flytrap.

Link can use Venus Flytraps as platforms to jump along, similar to Lily Pads, though they can hold the weight of forms heavier than Deku Link. They will attack Link if he stands on them in most forms, grabbing him and chewing on him with their toothed leaves before spitting him into the poisoned water. They will not harm Deku Link, however, so the most effective way to bypass these is to remain a Deku Scrub. If Link stands on one while in Goron form, it will first chew on him for a moment, causing an explosion of unknown origins, killing it without any damage dealt to Link, and leaving it as a harmless platform.

Alternatively, if Link throws a bomb onto a Venus Flytrap, it will consume it, causing it to explode shortly thereafter, sending chunks of its toothed leaves everywhere. The rest of the plant remains intact, and may still be used as a platform regardless of Link's current form, as they can no longer harm him. If the poison is cleansed from the temple's water (via the activation of the wooded, flower shaped structure in the temple's main chamber), all the Venus Flytraps will flail about for a moment before their toothed leaves disintegrate, leaving them harmless platforms.