"*pant pant...* This is the clothing store, Ventest Clothing! They sell...well, I'm sure you can guess what they sell. To be straight with you, this is actually my store! So come hang out when you've got some time. Stock up here first before heading over to Kochi Dye Shop."

Ventest Clothing Boutique, or simply Ventest Clothing, is a shop from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is an armor boutique owned by Seldon and his daughter Sophie, and located at Hateno Village in the East Necluda region. Seldon lets Sophie run manage it despite her lack of confidence which causes her to stand awkwardly in the corner of the boutique where she feels safe and more confident.

This allows Seldon to play the role of tour guide in the village, though he is out of shape and can only do it once a day and only when it is not raining as he takes shelter in his shop when it rains, unless it starts raining when he is in the middle of a tour.

Seldon ends his tour at Ventest Clothing thus his tour also functions as a form of advertisement for his shop and other shops in the village. He also promotes buying clothing from his shop before heading over to the Kochi Dye Shop, thus he promotes both Ventest Clothing and the Kochi Dye Shop as it encourages people to buy clothing from his shop so they can dye it. It is also the first place where Link can obtain the "Soldier" armor set.


"Welcome! Welcome! Everyday clothes? Armor for soldiers? We have it all at Ventest Clothing! Did you need something?"

Link can purchase both the "Soldier" armor set, "Hylian" armor set, and Warm Doublet. It has the largest selections of Armor of any clothing shop in Hyrule, with the exception of the Rare Armor Shop in Tarrey Town after the Side Quest "From the Ground Up" is completed.

Item Armor Type Stock Price (Rupees)
Hylian Hood Head 1 60
Hylian Tunic Body 1 120
Hylian Trousers Legs 1 90
Soldier's Helm Head 1 180
Soldier's Armor Body 1 250
Soldier's Greaves Leg 1 200
Warm Doublet Body 1 80
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