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Veil Springs
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Veil Springs is an area in The Minish Cap..[1]

Features and Overview

Veil Springs is located in northeastern Hyrule. It connects to two other areas: the Cloud Tops above it and Veil Falls to the south.

Veil Springs serves as the source of the waterfall that flows down Veil Falls. Link finds a Tornado here that transports him up onto the Cloud Tops.

Biggoron is also found here, though he remains obscured behind the mountain until Link Fuses Kinstone Pieces with the sixth and final Goron in the cave near Lon Lon Ranch after discovering the true location of the Light Force in the Elemental Sanctuary. If Link gives Biggoron his Small Shield, Biggoron will eat it;[2] he chews on it for 10 minutes and spits it out as the Mirror Shield upon Link's return,[3] though it is only obtainable after defeating Vaati.[4]


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  2. "Welcome. Goro. Oh, what a tiny Goron you are... You make this big Goron happy with this unexpected visit to my distant home. Tell me, little one, what do you know about shields? Well, among us Gorons, who know well the taste of steel... They are considered a fine delicacy. Ah, yes... Just once, I should like to taste a fine, fresh shield..." — Biggoron (The Minish Cap)
  3. "Goro goro...?! It-It seems your shield has changed shape a little as I was chewing on it... Oh, but it's fine! It is still a shield after all, just a slightly differently shaped one! I think..." — Biggoron (The Minish Cap)
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