"These vassals serve the king of Hyrule. They are loyal and diligent. Like the king himself, they are courteous yet frank."

Vassals are characters from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. They are guards under the employ of King Daltus. Their main duties include patrolling Hyrule Castle and its vicinity and protecting the Hyrulean population among other tasks. Blue-striped Vassals guard Hyrule Castle, whereas green-striped Vassals patrol Hyrule Town. At one point, Vaati possesses King Daltus and instructs the Vassals to search for the Light Force and restrict access to Hyrule Castle.


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At the beginning of the game, several Vassals attempted to stop Vaati from releasing monsters into the world and prevent him from capturing Princess Zelda. They are no match for Vaati, however. Many Vassals can be found throughout Hyrule Town and in Hyrule Castle. They later try to impede Link's progress by order of Vaati, who has taken over Hyrule Castle and is impersonating the King; furthermore, he has ordered them to search for the Light Force. After Vaati turns Hyrule Castle into its dark form, the Vassals are turned to stone, in a manner similar to Princess Zelda. After Vaati's defeat, the Vassals return to normal.

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