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Vapora[1] are the mini-bosses of the Shrine of Air in Zelda's Adventure. They are cloud-like monsters that take the shape of a face.


Vapora is first encountered early in the Shrine after the stretch of falling Ice Crystals. Another one is encountered at the Shrine's half-point, where it must be defeated to dispel a Barrier blocking the path ahead. Vapora's only method of attack is to move around the room and release small clouds at Princess Zelda to hurt her. The first Vapora will only fire one cloud aimed at Zelda, whereas the second Vapora will release three clouds that spread out as they travel. These clouds can be blocked with the Magic Shield however. The enemies have high endurance, and take several hits of the Wand to defeat. Their large size and aimed attacks, as well as the Shrine's slippery floors, can make them a difficult enemy to fight. While projectile Spells can be used to attack them from afar, it is not as effective as the Wand.

Once Zelda defeats the second Vapora, it leaves behind the Rug.


Vapora is derived from vapor.


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