"Only one who has sacred feet can cross the valley of the dead."

The Valley of the Dead is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Located within the Shadow Temple, the Valley of the Dead is an endless pit that Link can only cross if he dons the Hover Boots.

Interestingly, in the Master Quest version, Link can cross the Valley of the Dead prior to obtaining the Hover Boots due to a block not found in the original version.


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Near the start of the dungeon, Link enters a chamber with a totem pole-like object that he must turn to open a gate on the other side of an endless pit in the room. When Link approaches the pit, he finds a sign that informs him that only the one who has "sacred feet" can cross the Valley of the Dead. This sign proves true, as if Link tries to jump across the gap, he will not make it, and he will fall into the pit and be returned to the start of the room after suffering some damage.

If Link uses the Lens of Truth, however, he will find a secret wall in the chamber that leads to a catacomb-like area. After navigating the various hallways, Link finds the chamber of the dungeon's mini-boss, Dead Hand. After slaying the beast, Link obtains the Hover Boots. Upon returning to the Valley of the Dead, Link can wear the Hover Boots, the "sacred feet", and run across the gap to the other side, enabling him to further explore the temple.

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It is possible, although seemingly unlikely, that the Valley of the Dead is a throwback to the Valley of Death from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

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