The Valley of Death is a location from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. It serves as the final stretch of road before the Great Palace. This road is located west of Kasuto, the Hidden Town of Kasuto, and the Three Eye Rock. Near the Valley of Death lies a very small cemetery.

The entrance to the Valley of Death is protected by a choke point with Lizalfos that throw rocks down on Link and are stationed behind a tall fence, as well as Blue Moas, which can only be seen with the Cross. South of the choke point are lava flows, which teem with blue Moas, Girobokkus, and Lizalfos of all three colors. Without the cross to make the Moas visible, the area is virtually impassable.

The lava flows head east. There are a few places where Link is forced to battle his way through terrain that includes long jumps over lava pits and battles against Lizalfos in low roofed areas where Link cannot jump over them. At the end of each of these is a lava pit so wide that the Jump Spell is needed to cross it. The lava flows head north towards a cave that contains Lizalfos and Aru Lowders. The first cave exits into a V-shaped valley filled with more lava flows and one last choke point and then leads to one last cave guarded by Lizalfos. Out the other end of the cave is the Great Palace.

There are a few points in the Valley of Death where Link can find a red Magic Vial. They are generally, but not always, found in the small canyons that spread out from the sides of the main valley.

Because of the tough terrain and the powerful monsters, the Valley of Death is considered more difficult than any other part of the game except for the Great Palace itself. Luckily, if Link dies in the Great Palace, he can continue from just outside it rather than starting all the way back at the North Castle as long as he does not save and quit.

According to the Japanese text for the game, this location is also referred to as "Disvalley".


its name possibly came from death valley because they are both a valley and very hot

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