Vaati (風の魔人グフー Kaze No Majin Gufū, Wind Mage Gufuu) is the final boss of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords. After the four Links have traveled through Vaati's Palace, they will face off against Vaati.


Phase One


For the first part of the battle, Vaati floats around in the air above a cyclone. To damage him, the Links must throw a Bomb into the cyclone, which floats up and explodes next to Vaati. If a Bomb successfully explodes next to Vaati, he will fall to the ground and become vulnerable to the Four Sword. After he takes enough damage, Vaati transforms.

Phase Two

Vaati Stage Two (Four Swords)

Vaati's next form is similar in appearance to DethI, the final boss of Link's Awakening. This second form uses the attacks of all three of the previous stage bosses, as well as small Vaati clones that he sends after the Links. After Vaati is defeated, he is sealed away inside the Four Sword again.


Vaati Silver Door (Four Swords)

Vaati Silver Door (Four Swords)

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