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  • My occupation is Writer, despite suffering being trapped in my "prison suit"
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Please be sure to stay on the topic when posting the thread in here.
If you wish to speak inferior, please be sure to replacing them with Zelda name or word, consider them as censored.

And yes, I am responsible for my talk page.


Hi Fred. I have just answered to you.

  • About the "Blabla Tower Region" expression, it is not a matter of liking, that is subjective, Zeldapedia is an encyclopaedia so we need to match the game. The "Blabla Tower Region" expression in unofficial, it does not come from the game but the PB guide. It is true that the locations tree in BotW is vague, even the definition of the "region" is not easy.
Your help in completing the Shrine page is of course welcome, you can take a look at this page List of locations in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, to see how the locations are currently lists by "province" and "region".
If you see several misnamed Shrines and Sheikah Monks, many people sometimes write or report incorrectly names, you can report them to me because this implies not only a page renaming but also to fix links in all related pages.
Many thanks for your contribution and help.
  • About the Kah Yah Shrine article you have added, everything is fine, you have spontaneously respected the articles format, infobox, description, links, etc. that is great! Thank you.
However be careful before creating a new Shrine page, they are not all listed in the Shrine page but it theoretically remains only 5 Shrines pages to add. Take a look at the Category:Shrines. When you think a Shrine is missing, it may be already added but misnamed. You can report to me the misnamed Shrines, I will fix them later (it is late night here). Many thanks. WiseAdventurer (talk) 00:27, March 24, 2017 (UTC)
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