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Welcome to 52katie's Page!
Admin on Zelda Wiki,
Die-Hard Zelda Fan, and Gamer Girl
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Hi there, 52katie, and welcome to Zelda Wiki! Why not check out the community hub? To find out what's been going on recently at the wiki and what articles users are editing right now, head to the Recent Changes. For general wiki-related discussion and questions, head over to the Discussion Center. Also, for wiki usage and policy help, check out our Help Guide. We hope you enjoy the wiki. Thanks!
— The Zelda Wiki Staff

-- TheStoneWatcher (talk) 21:56, 14 March 2015 (UTC)


Hey 52katie,

Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work adding information and citations to the wiki. Keep it up! :) — Hylian King [*] 13:33, 1 July 2015 (UTC)

Great work! Here's some tips

Hey there! You're doing a spectacular work on the wiki. I just wanted give a couple tips for when editing pages.

When linking to an article, you do not have to add the plural or the possessive forms inside the link. For example, when adding the possessive form, it should be [[Link]]'s, instead of [[Link|Link's]]. Likewise, when adding plural, it should be [[Like Like]]s, instead of [[Like Like|Like Likes]]. The links will still work, there's just no need to add those redirects.

Another thing I wanted to point out, when adding image files, you do not need to include the underscores (the _ ) in the file name. Spaces will work in place of the underscores, and are preferable.

That's about it. Thanks for all your help! - Midoro (T C) 18:25, 29 August 2015 (UTC)

Thank you for the images!

Thank you for all the TFH images of the characters. We really needed those. =) - Midoro (T C) 21:15, 25 October 2015 (UTC)

No problem! I'm glad to help. :D I didn't add an image for the Great Tripini yet because I don't know who that is... yet. And yeah, we did really need those. -52katie (talk) 21:24, 25 October 2015 (UTC)

The Great Tripini is the clown guy. - Midoro (T C) 21:30, 25 October 2015 (UTC)

Oh. I don't think I've seen him yet, but when I do, I'll try to get an image of him. -52katie (talk) 21:24, 25 October 2015 (UTC)

Er...sorry to ask, but how exactly do you get the Great Tripini to show up in your game? I'm not having much luck... -52katie (talk) 21:12, 27 October 2015 (UTC)
I'm not sure what exactly the requirements are, but I believe he'll appear after you clear a few areas. If not that, then do you have SpotPass turned on? Because that's what he's there for. - Midoro (T C) 18:38, 28 October 2015 (UTC)
I think I figured it out. When I cleared my first Drablands challenge, he showed up. Thanks! -52katie (talk) 19:36, 28 October 2015 (UTC)

Prima guide?

Hello. Out of curiosity, might you have the Prima guide for TFH? If so, we could really use some help with that. Two of our staff have it pre-ordered but still haven't gotten theirs delivered. - Midoro (T C) 18:36, 28 October 2015 (UTC)

Yes, I have the Collector's Edition Prima Guide. What do you need my help with? -52katie (talk) 19:35, 28 October 2015 (UTC)
Pretty much the names of things we don't yet know of. Since you have the guide, I assume you don't mind spoilers if we ask you to check certain things? - Midoro (T C) 19:56, 28 October 2015 (UTC)
No, I don't mind spoilers. I'm glad to help. -52katie (talk) 20:10, 28 October 2015 (UTC)
That's great, thanks. For starters, do you think you could check the names of these three monsters? In the Water Temple there are skeleton fish, and in The Ruins there are Redead-like enemies with blue masks. Finally, the Sky Temple has enemies greatly resembling Aeralfos.
Also, if you could write down the sentence and their page number for sourcing, that would be great too. - Midoro (T C) 20:17, 28 October 2015 (UTC)
Ok, so the enemies in the Water Temple are called Skullfish, the blue-masked enemies ARE ReDeads, and those Sky Temple monsters are Super Aeralfos, which are Aeralfos that are blue instead of green and can breathe fire. Normal Aeralfos appear too, in the Dragon Citadel.
Page 76
You'll face off with Tektites, Water Tektites, and a new enemy called a Skullfish.
Page 164
As soon as all three Links drop into the room, a ReDead will appear.
Page 184
You'll have to battle a new enemy here called an Aeralfos and they're incredibly tough.
Page 188
Once all three Links touch down on the platform at the end of the stairs, two Super Aeralfos will appear.
Hope I did okay with everything. -52katie (talk) 21:16, 28 October 2015 (UTC)
This is all really awesome. Thank you. Does Page 184 refer to the green Aeralfos as regular Aeralfos, and page 188 the blue Aeralfos? - Midoro (T C) 21:36, 29 October 2015 (UTC)
Oops sorry, didn't notice the top comment. But thank you! - Midoro (T C) 21:37, 29 October 2015 (UTC)
Glad to help! :D Is there anything else? -52katie (talk) 23:08, 29 October 2015 (UTC)
Not yet, but we'll be sure to let you know. - Midoro (T C) 23:15, 29 October 2015 (UTC)
Got it. -52katie (talk) 00:20, 30 October 2015 (UTC)
Hey, just three more so I can clean up the enemies page. Are the Armos, Squiddies and colored Poes all called that in this game? Also, what are the names of the Link ghosts in Illusory Mansion that throw the Links off the platform? Thanks. - Midoro (T C) 20:09, 30 October 2015 (UTC)
The Armos are actually called Totem Armos.
Page 54
The enemies you have to watch out for are the Totem Armos-riding Moblins.
Squiddies are called Squiddies. :P
Page 44
Before you cross the bridge you'll encounter a Squiddy.
And Poes seem to be divided into a few subcategories: White Poes, which are pretty much just normal generic Poes, red, green and blue Poes, which can only be damaged by the Link who matches their color, and Lantern Poes, which fly around a room acting as a source of light, and can only be defeated by lighting all the torches in the room. The Link ghosts are called Prankster Poes. There's also a similar enemy called a Key Bandit Poe.
Page 18
Poes are like slow Ghinis that don't teleport. They'll fly around a room, but they're easy to pin down. Two sword slashes and they'll be dealt with, no problem.
Colored Poes are a bit more challenging to deal with. You can only hit each type of colored Poe with a Link that matches its color.
You can't actually damage a Lantern Poe directly. They'll light the area around them in dark rooms. The way to defeat them is by lighting all the torches in the room they are in.
Never has there been a more irritating enemy in the whole of the Zelda-verse! These Link-faced jerks attack by picking up Links and throwing them into the nearest pit.
Key Bandit Poes love keys. In fact, they will do everything in their power to get their hands on their beloved key whenever they lose them.
I hope that answers all of your questions!
-52katie (talk) 20:32, 30 October 2015 (UTC)
That's very helpful. Thank you! - Midoro (T C) 20:45, 30 October 2015 (UTC)


In light of your recent contributions, we among the staff have been wondering if you would be up to joining our team. If so, we can brief you on everything once we add you to our chat. If not, we will understand. Either way, thank you for the great work! - TonyT S C 23:35, 30 October 2015 (UTC)

Of course! I'd really like that! Thanks! :D -52katie (talk) 02:28, 31 October 2015 (UTC)
That's excellent! If you could, please send an email to tony [at] zeldawiki.org with your preferred email account that you'll be using to register for our chat program (via invitation). - TonyT S C 02:39, 31 October 2015 (UTC)
All right, I've sent the email. -52katie (talk) 21:17, 31 October 2015 (UTC)

The Super Mario Wiki's 'Shroom cordially invites you...

Hello, I am Tucayo from the Super Mario Wiki's monthly publication, The 'Shroom. As you surely know, this February marks the 30th Anniversary of the Zelda series, and we would like to prepare something special, with your help. As a landmark collaboration between our wikis, we want to invite you to write something for us, it can be a review of a Zelda game, a ranking of your favorite games in the franchise, overall thoughts or memories, or maybe even something telling our users about ZeldaWiki! It could be anything to help us make our February issue Zelda-themed. The issue will be released February 20th, so we would really appreciate if we could have your submissions before February 13th. You can email them to mwshroom@gmail.com. Feel free to contact us for any questions you might have.

--Tucayo (talk) 00:33, 11 January 2016 (UTC)

New uploads

Please don't forget to link the characters in the summaries of the images you're uploading. Also, the source format should go as follow:

|source= [www.website.com/image website name] | [www.website.com/submitterprofile submitter name]

or if they're yours, simply add

|source= {{Original Source|yourname}}

See what I've done to Kima's image to see what I mean.

Beside that, thanks for uploading these! That's ultra useful! :) MannedTooth (talk) 20:27, 16 July 2017 (UTC)

Oops, sorry! I'll fix that. Also, the Twitter account is mine, so should I keep doing a link to that, or start sourcing myself?
52katie (talk) 20:47, 16 July 2017 (UTC)
Because your twitter account doesn't have the same username as your Zelda Wiki one, I suggest you do like this. MannedTooth (talk) 20:58, 16 July 2017 (UTC)
Ah, I see. Thanks for letting me know! 52katie (talk) 21:02, 16 July 2017 (UTC)
Yup, that image has the good format, except the link on the word Twitter links to the wrong picture, it is meant to be linked to the original image from which it was cropped. I did the same mistake on Kima's model. MannedTooth (talk) 21:10, 16 July 2017 (UTC)
Oh. Whoops. How do I get the exact link to the image? I tried, but it didn't work. It looks like I need to enter a set of numbers for the picture, but where do I find that? 52katie (talk) 21:20, 16 July 2017 (UTC)
I don't know for you, but on my end, when viewing an image on twitter, I can press the "plus" button to have the option to copy the image link. See here. MannedTooth (talk) 21:23, 16 July 2017 (UTC)
Yes! It worked! Thank you. :D (You can probably tell I'm not much of a Twitter user.) Awesome. It'll be extra work, but I'll fix all of those images I uploaded today, at least. 52katie (talk) 21:27, 16 July 2017 (UTC)
Don't worry, it's alright! Thanks again! :) MannedTooth (talk) 21:40, 16 July 2017 (UTC)
So, after a discussion with the staff about this, it seems that when you are the one to provide an image, the {{Original Source|52katie}} will suffice. However, for any upload that isn't yours, the rest still applies. Since this was my instructions (mistake), I'll go ahead and fix all the files. Sorry again! MannedTooth (talk) 01:53, 17 July 2017 (UTC)