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Why can't I add an image as an add-on to Uncharted Island?

I made an edit by coloring the image using the other example islands on land heights, ramps, caves etc. But it was deleted, why is that?

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Can you elaborate on that? Maybe link to the images (or provide their old names?)

Also, feel free to join our Discord server to make communication easier with the whole staff team. :)

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I had uploaded this image to the island page, but you deleted it last year. The image was named Ilha Desconhecida.

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This is because this image is both fan-made and non-canon. Having this file would lead readers to believe this is actually seen in-game, which isn't the case.

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Hi, there's a bit of vandalism on this page:

Someone replaced Terrako with "The return of gerald"

I tried fixing the vandalism myself but I don't know how to, can you do something about it?

Also just giving you a headsup but there's no image for Twilight Princess Link:

Can you do something about that as well?

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Hey there, I can't seem to find that vandalism you're referring to. Can you help pinpoint it (provide a link to the diff?)

As for the images, this is a known temporary issue that appeared today, it should be fixed soon.

Thanks again for the heads up! :)

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