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Okay, my page has gone through a lot of changing but I think I'm happy with it now. Here's a little bit about me.


Two years ago, I thought the famous Green-clad hero was called Zelda and Luigi wore a red hat. Skip back to the present time and I'm a very different 12 year old boy.On the Christmas of 2008 I recieved a Nintendo Wii. I immediately became a Mario Kart Expert and was able to compete with my friends. But my Nintendo DS Lite(received a year later) was the console that introduced me to the wonderful world of Zelda. Spirit Tracks was a moving title for me. I almost cried when I saw the final cut scene. I recently completed it and I have begun my Phantom Hourglass adventure as I type. Well that's something to chew on... I'll be back with more infomation on Zeldafan777. Please comment on what you think so far. Thank You!

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Ok, You can talk to me lots of way. Pick your favourite.

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Useless info about me that's essential to know

  • I'm Irish
  • I hate noise when I'm play Zelda
  • I want to be a journalist/web designer
  • I love photography
  • I am signig up for Facebook this weekend
  • I got my first Zelda in Christmas '09 (ST) and since then taken on OoT, TP and PH.
  • I love social networking
  • I couldn't survive without the internet.
  • I recently moved into my own room
  • I enjoy manga
  • I love internet shopping
  • I swear. WAY TOO MUCH
  • I can write my name in Hylian...It's just I don't know how to show you :/
  • I'm in a boyband (see Twitter)
  • Umm...
  • I'm in first year. I don't know what the American equivalent is...
  • I also enjoy Mario and casual Party games...But I prefer Zelda
  • I want to make this list longer...
  • oh yeah!
  • I'm going to Paris on my school trip this year
  • I stink at Geography
  • I excel at math
  • I get slagged off at school for not owning a Playstation or xBox
  • But I always think contently to myself...Zelda is way way way way better than Modern Warfare 2
  • Is this list long enough?
  • I strive to become a rollback on Zeldapedia
  • I hope to make a subpage of myself today
  • It's long enough
  • For Now...


User:Zeldafan777/Zeldafan777's Chill Out Zone

Not very interesting stuff to do when I'm bored

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