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Kudos, everyone. I am zeerotytus, I think... at least that's the name on my I.D. but I might be mistaken. I might have forgotten how to read as well... You see, I woke up this morning in a bathroom with the door locked... From the outside. I couldn't remember much. I had to do all sorts of wacky things to get out. Anyway, I'm now have an account on this wikia because of the few things I do remember, I looove video games and sci-fi stuff, and NCIS! So I'll keep editing this page so that I may relay how my memory is doing to anyone who might know who I really am. If you wish to find me, Since I don't remember where my house is ( if I have one ) I am living in Cardboard box number six under the Neway bridge in downtown Cityville. Goodbye for now.

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