I do!

Greetings. I am Watcher, and this is my Watchtower. I hope that in the coming months, you shall find my humble home acceptable. More updates in the future.

A Little About the Watcher

For those of you who can't figure this out, this part is purely fictional (You all know who you are...)

In my fantasy world, the Watcher is one man who has been selected to watch over the proceedings of the world he lives in. A Watcher resideds in the Watchtower, an impossibly tall building that constanty flits across the surface of the planet; in fact, it goes so fast that even I don't know what it looks like. The inside of the Watchtower is compleatly hollow, save for a small chair in the very center that I am able to sit in. Coating the walls are countless monitors that display every event occuring on the Earth. Every day I stop time, and play back all the events from the past 24 hours at superfast speeds.

Enough about the Watchtower, let's get onto the Watcher. My physical appearence is something like this: I am 7'5", extreemly thin, all white, and absolutly covered in eyeballs (you think I could do my job properly if I wasn't?). I have no other facial features (save for a mouth), long arms with thin fingers, and a trunklike region where legs should be (I get around by floating). As for my personality, like so many other personal qualities of mine (like a birth date, original appearence, friends and family, ect.), it has been lost to the ages.

As for my job, as you have probably already read, I watch over all the events on planet Earth, and to record it all for whoever may need it (truely need it, that is. This is precious information, and could potentialy be used for harm. If you want it, you need a really good reason.). I am able to take one single event in the world and change it so the Earths' history will go on a better course (One important event! And I mean really important. Same as with the information.).

Well, that's all about that for now, so... Let's move on.

Zelda Games I Own

  • The Legend of Zelda
  • A Link to the Past
  • Orcana of Time (For the Wii)
  • Wind Waker
  • Twilight Princess (Got a new one, so yeah, it's my brother's...)
  • Phantom Hourglass (OK, so it's my brothers...)

Current Progress in Games

  • The Legend of Zelda: Done with the second dungeon and only 11 more squares to map out.
  • A Link to the Past: COMPLETE! And it only took me what, 15.5 years? It wasn't that hard!
  • Orcana of Time: I've got the Master Sword and I'm working through the graveyard.
  • Wind Waker: I've got the Master Sword, and am on my way to get Gannon.
  • Twilight Princess: Made it through Arbitors Grounds, on my way to Snowpeak after some messing around.
  • Phantom Hourglass: Just have to get a few sidequests done and defeat Bellumbeck.

My Timeline

Here's how I think the Legend of Zelda series goes. First came Skyward Sword, when the Master Sword was forged. Then Ocarnia of Time occured, at which point the timeline split in two. During the Child Timeline, Link went on his adventure in Majoras Mask. Gannondorf was set to be excecuted, but went to the Twilight Realm, initiating the Twilight Princess. Meanwhile, in the Adult Timeline, Gannondorf escaped his imprisonment, and caused the Wind Wakers' events to occur. Later, Link and Zelda looked for a new world, and went through the Phantom Hourglass. One hundred years later, Spirit Tracks took place, and all other events happened parralell with each other. At some point, the events of the Four Swords games happened, and Link thwarted the plot. Eventualy, Gannon was revived, but horribly deformed, and sought out Aghinham, causing A Link to the Past to happen. After his defeat, Link left Hyrule for more adventures, and found the Windfish, causing Links Awakening to happen. After many years, one of Links decendents returned to Hyrule and stopped Gannon for good. 4 years later, the events of Zelda 2 happened, and that's the end of it!

To everyone who had trouble understanding the writen version...

                           Skyward Sword
                        Ocarnia of Time 
           Adult Timeline                 Child Timeline 
                |                               | 
          Gannon sealed in                 Gannon arrested; 
           Sacred Realm                      Majoras Mask 
                |                               | 
           Gannon escapes;             Gannon to be excecuted; 
             Wind Waker                escapes to Twilight realm, 
                                       causing Twilight Princess 
                |                                |  
         Link and Zelda leave;          Nothing of significance 
          Phantom Hourglass                                  
                |                                | 
             Spirit Tracks              Nothing of significance 
                         All events parralell 
                           from now on. 
                           Four Swords 
                        Four Swords Adventure 
                          The Minish Cap 
                         Gannon escapes in 
                           beast form. 
                         A Link to the Past 
                         Link leaves Hyrule 
                         for new adventure; 
                          Links Awakening 
                        One of Links decendents 
                        returns; Legend of Zelda 
                             Zelda 2

Operation: Wake the Wind

It's back again, and if you want to come on, then go to the official page for Operation: Wake the Wind.

The Best Way To...

Until I have a way to get people other than Mr. Fairy to respond, this is on a permenant hiatus.

Replacement filing cabinet Archives

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Who doesn't have these by now? Anyways, here they are...

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(Note: This note is so my next section header isn't pushed aside.)

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I know everyone and their brother does this, but please sign my page, and come to my talk.

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Yo, sad that this is your first day, and you Userpage is already better than mine...

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Your userpage is ugly? geez, you should really see mine, oh the hilarity will ensue if you visit mine, i have cards for griff's card thing, though i don't think anyone knows i have made some, oh well. I forgot to add, Hi! Please for give my ramblings.

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Mine still isn't as organized as yours, and probably never will be lol.

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Cool userpage. Mine consists mainly of jokes using pictures.

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Here you are. Awesome page.
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'lo. Nice page; I like the section on "the best way to"

Hey, nice page. user:dragonmaster kayla

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Best userpage on the site in my opinion. Mine doesn't have that much going for it other than the many polls.

yawn [[User:Oni Dark Link|Oni Dark Link 16:12, 17 March 2009 (UTC) ]]

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Totally dig the open-ended, creative questions. Props.

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I love your page. The weekly questions are awesome.

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Hey! Awesome page, seriously. The Best Way To thing is really awesome. Oh ya, remember Mrs. Jones, your kindergarten teacher, saying, "A long E says its name. Now let's all hold hands and sing a song about friendship!" and you just stuck your tongue at her while she wasn't looking? Yeah, Mrs. Jones comes back to haunt you. "A capitalized U says its name. A capitalized R says its name. Capitalized As, Qs, and Ts say their names." It's pronounced (yay, dictionary jargon) lē' sə yü’ är ā kü’ tē and (for the anti-dictionary-jargon-ists) LEE-sah YOO ahr a KWU-tee. It all boils down to Lisa you are a cutie. Just 'cuz it's awesome for people to be calling you cute every time they say your name. Nah, just kidding, but you can just call me Lisa. Peace!

K. watcher, your user page is marvalous, mine is a piece of ****. i really love it. wish i had the time to do something as wonderful as yours, but alas i cannot. oh and don't be afraid to ask more people about wake the wind it is a nice idea but, just needs more people for it to become really serious. (no I'm not gay just saying) User:Ccbermanzzpedia

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Nice page you have (better than mine at least) And consider yourself honoured that your page is the first one I've ever signed! *fanfare plays*

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What's Balrog up to these days?

I would like to join your Wind the Wake thing. I hope that I can help people and suggest a fight. I joined this wikia yesterday. signed User: Mr.Green hat P.S. Comment about my page. Today is 5/24/09

I see you are very famous with the other people. I am doing a poll at my page. Could you tell everyone you know about it? signed, User: Mr.Green hat

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To Watcher, I was thinking that we should combine our Operations. Mine is not getting much results, so I was wondering if we could make your Wake the Wind not just getting rid of stubs, but also adding pictures.

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Hello! As you can tell (i mean, you haven't seen me!), I'm new. But Hi! And your userpage is awesome. Princess of Music


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The Master sighed. "Succinctly put, Mr Benton." - The Master discussing with the Brigadier and Benton the the Parallel Earth they had traveled to.
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Hello again! does my new userbubble give you a headache? I hope not. awesome page. Did you record the daleks invasion of earth? who is ms. Jones? huh? huh? huh? Oh... dear... I'm babbling, aren't I? Morths!

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The name's Link, Shade Link.

Hi! I signed your page! Does that make us friends?!??!!!03:44, 20 July 2009 (UTC)MaloMart (talk)

I still haven't figured out the whole point of the whole page signing thing that goes around here, but I suppose I'll do it. Might even come up with a "Best Way To..." if I can think of one ingenious enough. By the way, are you misspelling Ocarina purposefully? I'm a spelling/grammar/ease of reading/accuracy freak as you can probably tell by checking out my contributions, and it's bugging me.... Light and Shadow (talk) 21:26, 21 July 2009 (UTC)

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I have signed this page.

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Nice page. The weekly questions are great!

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I can see your Watchtower from the Death Dolice station!

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Awesome page! Yours is probably one of the best pages I've seen, though that really doesn't count for much as I've only been here a few weeks.

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Hi, I'm signing cause I can't find anything better to do to pass the time.
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I signed like you wanted me to.

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don't now why I minacaly laughed--: Majora's Warth's Reincarnation [ 12:36, August 5, 2010 (UTC)

Majora&#039;s Wrath Artwork
Majora's Warth's Reincarnation – If you expect the unexpected, then obviously your unexpecting the expected, therefore if someone expects your expecting the unexpected they just might do the expected cause your unexpecting that-Me. It makes since, really
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you have been
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