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Video Gamer X started his website career with "The Crossroads of the Mind's Eye", which was a site about new technologies, investigations into the paranormal, and his personal experiences with ghosts and aliens.

In 1998 he established The Odyssey of Hyrule, where he would apply the same, shall we say, touched view of the world to his love of Zelda and games in general. He also made similar sites for Final Fantasy, Shenmue, and Xenosaga. In 1999 he made a message board for his sites called Khakain. Its members left him in 2001, but he kept the board husk around until 2005. At this time he had a friend of his make him a new board. Though the old board and the new board had an exchange, the board eventually died with the server, as it also hosted a popular halo-related site.

VGX is still in somewhat-close contact with Khakain, but if you go there looking for him you're going to be met with a lot of sideways glances.