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Self Biography

I like Anime and my favorite one is Kirby Right Back at Ya. The activities I enjoy doing are reading, video games, art, and audio editing to retain sound effects and voices. Heres some examples of some audio editing I've done: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVQUMWMevb4 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEpHpgJV1Gk

Vaati's Etymology Theory

Vaati's name could have come from the word "Batty" but said in a Japanese style of format that would be prounouced as "Vaati". Heres my theory bellow this post here to understand it a lot more.

There are words in Japanese that sound exactly like English. Examples: Jap-Deviru=Eng-Devil, Jap-Gamu=Eng=Gum, Jap-Kaabii=Eng-Kirby, Jap-Suraisu=Eng-Slice, and Jap-Rinku=Eng-Link. I can come up with more but I think this is enough. This is a theory I came up with on how Vaati's name may have been created, through the word Batty but said in a Japanese style of matter and also considering the fact that Vaati resembles a large bat which makes my theory worth metntionimg until Nintendo can come up with the Origin reasons. In Japan, V and B sounds are often interchangable when translated into English as well as R and L sounds too like Jap-Rinku to Eng-Link. Vaati's name could have been created from a Japanese format of style using a word that resembles his appearance, Vaati-Batty.

FSA Princess Zelda's Info of Ganon (Before defeat translation)

Apparently Nintendo of America was right about the *Ancient Demon Reborn* thing, my Friend who is fluent in Japanese and I came up with alternate translations of what Princess Zelda said. She even said I was mainly correct and told me her *Direct Translation* of Princess Zelda's information on Ganon before you defeat the evil Demonic Monster.

Vaati The Wind Demon's Translation (Confirmed as mainly correct by StarFumu)

闇の王... 太古から よみがえった 魔の邪器(じゃき)、トライデントを手にした男!!

King of darkness... Evil demon reborn from ancient times, the Vessel of the (Wicked Spirit), the man who has claimed the trident.

Translation by StarFumu of Youtube (Part of the subbing team for the Kirby of the Stars Anime)

闇の王... 太古から よみがえった 魔の邪器(じゃき)、トライデントを手にした男!!

King of darkness... Demon reborn from the ancient times, the man who has claimed the trident.