Turtleman 579

Hi, I'm called Turtleman579. I like turtles, Zelda, and Halo.

Zelda Games I Own

  • The Legend of Zelda for NES and on Gamecube Collector's Edition
  • The Adventure of Link for Gamecube on Collector's Edition
  • A Link to the Past/ Four Swords for GBA
  • Link's Awakening DX For GB
  • Ocarina of Time for N64, the Gold Cart for N64, on Gamecube Collector's Edition, and Emulated* on my computer (It's my favorite)
  • Majora's Mask for Gamecube on Collector's Edition
  • Oracle of Seasons for GBC
  • Oracle of Ages for GBC
  • Wind Waker for Gamecube
  • Four Swords Adventures for Gamecube
  • Minish Cap for GBA
  • Twilight Princess for Gamecube
  • Phantom Hourglass for DS

Zelda Game Status

The Legend of Zelda: Currently on the 5th dungeon.

Adventure of Link: On the 1st Dungeon, don't plan to ever move on. Ever.

A Link to the Past GBA: Have beaten once, probably won't beat a second time.

Four Swords: Have beaten twice, no longer know anyone else with the game, so won't ever be able to play again.

Link's Awakening DX: Have beaten once, never picked up again after beating though.

Ocarina of Time: Have beaten 7 times, two being 100% am working on Master Quest, am convinced that very few people could defeat me if it had multiplayer, HAVE beaten Inside the Deku Tree with my eyes closed.

Majora's Mask: Currently on Stone Tower, keep telling myself I'll get around to beating it.

Oracle of Seasons: Completed and linked to Ages.

Oracle of Ages: Linked from Seasons and completed. Have another file (actually started first) on the 3rd dungeon. Plan to complete and link to Seasons.

Windwaker: Beat once, reached Wind Temple on Second Quest.

Four Swords Adventures: Beat once, stopped playing.

Minish Cap: Beat 3 times.

Twilight Princess: Beat twice, but haven't played in a while.

Phantom Hourglass: Beat once.

I have no plans to complete any more games 100%.


I've done my fair share of glitching on OoT. My most recent file has Green Gauntlets, a bottle instead of Claim Check, stole the rod, has done swordless Link, been under Zora's Ice, and swam behind Hyrule Castle.

Random Facts

I've beaten OoT's first dungeon (Inside the Deku Tree), with my eyes closed.

I don't find it wrong to use cheat code devices as long as you've already beaten the game, and it doesn't cause anyone else problems (ie: rigging an online scoreboard, instant kills online, etc.)

I find that glitches make a game more enjoyable.

I spent $300 on an Xbox 360 just to play Halo 3.

I mostly keep up with the Temple of Courage just to watch the User fights (hilarious)!

In some shape or form, I own every Zelda game.

I have more dead pets than live ones.

For my first 4 playthroughs of OoT, I did the Spirit Temple first. For my other 3, and current one, I did/plan to do the Shadow Temple first.

I don't find Navi annoying.

I do find Ezlo annoying.

Buying OoT Master Quest gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

I have permanently lost 3 video games, one Action Replay, and one system.

I believe Rauru and Kaepora Gaebora are the same person, and the Gossip Stone's "reincarnation" statement was a mistranslation.

Zelda Timeline

    / \
Child  Adult
 /      \
TP      WW--PH--ST

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I am a huge fan of the Ninja Turtles, particularly the old series from the 1980's to 1990's and dont't like Fast Forward at all. I own many of the games but don't care to list them.

Other Games


I play Halo a lot. I've played for several years and own all 4 games. I also bought the Legendary Map Pack for Halo 3, downloaded the Heroic Map Pack after it was free, and got the Mythic Map Pack with Halo Wars LCE.


I got started on Naruto from the Anime and played several video games, my favorites being Ninja Council, Rise of a Ninja, and The Broken Bond.

Questions & Answers

These are questions that I think I would probably be asked.

  • Question: Could you do the Deku Tree with your eyes closed again?

Answer: No. There's a large gap of time between when I did that and now. I had to memorize the entire layout of the Dungeon to do it, and I just don't know that anymore.

  • Question: Isn't emulation illegal?

Answer: Sort of. Most emulation is illegal, but it's fine if you actually own the game you're emulating. Since I do (a lot!), it's legal for me to emulate OoT.

  • Question: What is your name/age/general area of residence?

Answer: I don't feel comfortable revealing any personal information on the internet. Most personal things aren't smart to say online anyway.

  • Question: Do you believe in the Split Timeline Theory?

Answer: Yes. Completely.

  • Question: Where is X Skulltula or Y Heart Piece in OoT?

Answer: I'd recommend going to Zelda Dungeon for all these questions. They really helped me with my 100% complete.

  • Question: Is it worth it to gather all 100 skulltulas just for a Giant Rupee?

Answer: If you buy things often, it is. The reward doesn't end with the Giant Rupee. Many people don't know it, but leaving the House of Skulltula and reentering will allow to claim the reward again. Lather, rinse, repeat. Essentially, gathering all the Gold Skulltulas gives you infinite money.

  • Question: Do you think Master Quest is really Ura Zelda?

Answer: Nope. It doesn't have any of the promised new enemies or dungeons. I think it's just a dungeon edit made to silence demand and rumors.

A Note on Messages

Please know if messaging me that I will most likely never respond at all, so don't expect a response.


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