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The Groosenator is a bot account used by Zelda Wiki staff to make semi-automated edits.


Unlike Zelda Wiki's other bot account, KaeporaGaebora, The Groosenator does not use the pywikipediabot framework. Rather, staff log into this account directly to perform repetitive tasks using editing tools. Because of the account's bot rank, the large series of edits resulting from these tasks are hidden from the Recent Changes by default, so as to not flood the page with repetitive edits. (Bot edits can be unhidden in the Recent Changes options.) Prior to The Groosenator's creation, KaeporaGaebora was used in this respect in addition to its script-operated duties.

The Groosenator is not a bot per se, given that its edits are not executed by a script. Rather, the edits are made by actual staff—humans assisted by editing tools (hence the term "semi-automated"). The Groosenator's work is a combined effort of man and machine; in that sense, it is much like its namesake!

Edits on this account are usually done with Special:ReplaceText or AutoWikiBrowser (AWB). The Groosenator is the only user authorized to use AWB's bot function. (All users may otherwise use AWB, however.)

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