Team Doofenshmirtz

  • I live in Wherever the TARDIS takes me
  • My occupation is Time Traveler
  • I am Female

About me

Hi! I am Team Doofenshmirts! I am a generally awesome person. I have beaten almost all of the Zelda games except 3 witch I am still working on. As you can tell from my username I love P&F. Doofenshmirtz is total win. I have many other intrests as well but I am to lazt to mention any more. So... Here are some other wikis I am on and my possessions

  • Glee Wiki - Admin
  • Random-ness Wiki - Beuro
  • Christian Talk Wiki - Admin
  • PF-Users Wiki - Beuro
  • Ouran Highschool Host Club Wiki - Admin
  • Phineas and Ferb Wiki - Rollback
  • PF Fanon - Rollback
  • Glee Users Wiki - Normal User (Witch is totally stupid. Long story)
  • Zeldapedia Wiki (this one XD) - Normal User

My favorite pages

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