Super Ike the Third

aka Chuck Norris

  • I live in The Old Country
  • I was born on September 11
  • My occupation is being bored out of my mind in classrooms
  • I am male (duh)

"I was going to be called SoS and before that I was called pure awesomeness,but he stopped me again!Curse you Louis!" -Me cursing my friend

Okay, the bit which every single user on this wikia starts off with

My name is Super Ike the Third.My real name is NOT Super Ike The Third and NOT Septimus .A Marke(seriously,that was COMPLETELY FABRICATED).I'll tell you one thing: My initials are R A J.

I started off Sonic Answers Answers(I know,some thing went wrong while typing it it's called that forever).

SONGS I like(songs not bands)

We Will Rock You by QUEEN

Over My Head by Sum 41

Crush 40

Radical Highway

City Escape

White Jungle


Serenade of Water on piano (look at it on YouTube)

Lost Woods (how can you not???)

Song of Healing

Song of Storms

Song of Time

Hyrule Field/Main theme (Twilight Princess)

Guess what?

I know how to cook eggs!

I have a Wii and I use it for my GameCube needs.

I made a sword. Feel free to copy and paste it. It took me an entire morning to make.

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