This page is about my (brilliant) Zelda game idea. PLEASE comment on the talk page, I would be very appreciative if you did. This game is also a platform game, meaning it is 3-D.

Random Facts about it

  • It will take place in a small land, close to Hyrule. After the Sages of the Clouds- the Golden Goddesses of this land- are saved, Link can travel to Hyrule to save the princess
  • The game is 3-D and Aquamentus- the first boss ever- will be in it


Link is a young boy (around 14-15) who lives on a small sea-side port town. Some other residents include his best friend, Kole, and his father and dog. Kole, Link and the dog go exploring the nearby cave (future dungeon), and the hometown is attacked by monsters, led by Captain Vezz. When the children and dog get home, they see the ruin of their once small and quiet town in burning ashes. Captain Vezz then attackes Kole, then runs off leaving only Link and Kole's dog as the only townsfolk. Just then, he gets a telepathic message from Kole's father, Creyak, telling him to awaken the two Sages of the Clouds to help him save Kole.

Main Characters


Duh. The primary character and the protagonist


The primary antagonist. He will have a knew character, his assistent

Ganon's Assistent (unnamed)

Ganondorf's right hand man


A young Rito villager, daughter of the Chief.


Link's best friend who is kidnapped.

Kole's Dog

Link's companion.


The Princess of Hyrule who is in need of saving.


Zelda's nursemade.


Kole's father, who was killed in the attack on Link's port village


  • Dungeon 1- Cave of Doom
    • Location: Swampland Graveyard
    • Item: ???
    • Mini-boss:
    • Boss: Aquamentus
    • Reward: Obtain the Hero's Bow

The second and third temples can be completed in any order. The official storyline has the Ice Peak first.

  • Dungeon 1- Ice Peak
    • Location: Raydar Peak
    • Item: Ice Arrows
    • Mini-boss:
    • Boss:
    • Reward: Sage of the Clouds #1 is rescued
  • Dungeon 2- Aquamine Palace
    • Location: Great Wizrobe Desert
    • Item: Fire Arrows
    • Mini-boss:
    • Boss:
    • Reward: Sage of the Clouds #2 is rescued


  • Water themed
  • Gravity themed
  • Inside Tingle
  • Flying themed



  • Tingles Intestines
  • Ganondorf (final boss)


  • Sword (duh)
  • Shield (another duh)
  • Iron Boots
  • Gust something (like the gust jar from TMC)
  • Zora Armor
  • Roc Feather/Cap (upgraded)
  • Boomerang
  • Bow and arrows
  • Bombs
  • Telescope
  • Hookshot
  • 4 bottles


  • Goron
  • Human
  • Hylian
  • Rito
  • Zora (not all evolved, different tribe)
  • Deku
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