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hey im a big zelda fan but i did not play them all the list is the games i have.

the legend of zelda vitual console i didn't pass yet, a link to the past i did pass very tough game but its brillant vitural console, ocarina of time original N64 past it should be the best zelda game good mini and dungeon bosses, the wind waker gamecube but playing it on wii brillant very funny cutscenes good bosses, twilight princess its my cousins wii brillant i past it loads of times but no more cause of my fear of the chu but im not scared of the other chuchus in the other games am bosses very fun very tough puzzles cutscenes very tearful, the phantom hourglass its good to short wanted more dungeons and puzzles more bosses, oh i have am crossbow trainning usless its not a proper zelda game and misses alot of the enemys like my hated one chus.

favourite all of them but do not like the chu in zelda twilight the rest of the chuchu are fine with me.

games i want zelda spirit tracks zelda, four sword, four swords adventure, zelda II, links awakening DX, majoras mask might get the vitural console one, minish cap, oracle of seasons oracle of ages.

i would like to now news of the nintendo world today.

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