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Requires Symphony of the Mask DLC Skull Kid can be found just outside Deku Hollow. Once the Skull Mask is found and shown to him, he will join the other heroes in their quest to save Hyrule.


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Skull Kid is a playable character in Cadence of Hyrule. He can collect 6 different masks which have unique abilities.[1]

Skull Kid's unique abilities and items
Used by pressing R. Mask Swap Allows Skull Kid to change masks at any time by pressing R.
Obtained when another mask is collected.
Used by pressing L. Mask Magic A magic attack that changes depending on which mask Skull Kid is wearing.
Obtained by giving the Deku King his Petal Trimmers after collecting the Skull Mask and speaking to the Great Deku Tree.
Deku Mask Attacks with a headbonk, which is functionally identical to a Dagger.
Used by pressing L. Burrow: Skull Kid hides in the ground, which makes him immune to enemy attacks. When unburrowing, a deku seed projectile will be fired.
Skull Mask Found in Deku Hollow. Attacks with a Spear.
Attacks have a chance to instantly defeat an enemy.
Used by pressing L. Impale: Stabs directly in front of Skull Kid, dealing massive damage and draining the enemy's health on the next beat.
Zora Mask Found in Frozen Grotto in Kingdom of Hyrule's future. Attacks with a Rapier.
Allows Skull Kid to swim in deep water and ignore shallow water. If Skull Kid also has the Flippers, he will not need to spend an extra beat turning while in deep water.
Used by pressing L. Zora Iceshot: Launches two ice balls in random directions, which can temporarily freeze enemies and water.
Goron Mask Found in Gerudo Ruins in Kingdom of Hyrule's future. Attacks with a Flail.
Gives Skull Kid immunity from lava, hot coals and bombs.
Used by pressing L. Goron Roll: Skull Kid rolls into a boulder and rolls forward until hitting something. Immune to all damage while rolling.
Darknut Mask Found in Kakariko Crypt in Kingdom of Hyrule's future. Attacks with a Broadsword.
Gives Skull Kid the ability to block damage from the front while not attacking, at the cost of some Stamina.
Used by pressing L. Slash: A stronger broadsword attack that also hits the enemies on Skull Kid's left and right.
Mask of Truth Found by giving a fisherman in the River of Ice a Golden Fish. Attacks with a Titanium Dagger.
Reveals the locations of items. Same effect as the Torch of Wisdom. Does not consume stamina.
Used by pressing L. Beam of Truth: Hold L on one beat and release on the next to fire a laser beam at the nearest enemy.
  1. "Skull Kid can gain different weapons, powers, and special abilities by equipping masks. He can swap between masks once he collects more than one." — Inventory (Cadence of Hyrule)