i got a wii and found this wiki and joined. I will not edit so much beacause I use a Wii. i am probably the only emo 12 year old that lives nexd door to link you will ever see!


navi, the moon, game overs, tatl, and ganon!!!!


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Midna's True Form This user is a fan of the Twili.
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To do list banish ganon to the pit that burns!! KILL NAVI AND TATL! play grand theft kokiri and get all ERROR's base that are belong to us.
this user... shall consume all! and get link to become a mask salesman

Deku Link wonders whats for dinner. please tell him.


I am the walrus

Navi is really annoying

I'm the biggest boss dat you seen thus far

zelda is HOT

deku nuts are so spicy

link likes deku scrubs

link can't wait to bomb some dodongos (skuaderlan we are off!?!)

"not the pit it burns!!"-is a quote from ganon.

ganon dosen't like the chains

I hid some deku sticks hee hee!


--Power courage wisdom and time 00:55, 3 April 2008 (UTC)

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