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Well I consider myself awesome and like playing The Legend of Zelda and watching Spongebob. I eat pie a lot, well, because its the best food known to man.

Zelda Games Played/Playing

1. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Yeah I know I just started liking Zelda only a few years ago but I am a real addict, trust me. I went pretty well. I loved everything, the puzzles, the fighting, the items overall the equal best Wii game I've got along with Super Mario Galaxy. I got 14 hearts the first time I played and the second time I also got 14 hearts. I really didn't like all the sidequests in Twilight Princess cause they never really interested me. But I did a few. The third time I played it I dominated 17 hearts and the Magic Armour and all that rubbish and yeah. Overall a great game.

2. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Everyone, EVERYONE says this is the best Zelda game of all time, well sorry for me its not, but still a LEGENDARY game. The graphics for its time were awesome and everything was awesome. A great game. I got up to 14 hearts, the first time I played it and the second time I got to 19 hearts. But for me, I reckon the final battle wasnt that great but the dungeon was.

3. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. By far THE AWESOMEST GAME OF ALL TIME. Really people complain about the childish graphics and the bad bosses, but for me this game just OWNS! Even though I dont own, me and my cousin played it together and it was so good. We got up to 19 hearts and the music was just the best. I've still got the Ganondorf Battle in my head and the Molgers's "chickitda" noise in my head as well. Great game. Best Zelda ever.

4. (Currently) The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Just great. It really set up all the current Zelda games. I mean the music, the bosses, the entire Zelda series I reckon is all wrapped up in this one game. A really good game. The other Zelda games really are just great but this game has basically every single idea in the series. Right now I'm up to Ganon's Tower and yeah goin pretty well with 17 hearts.


Now before I go on, I would just like to say, that the G.T.S (If you've ever heard of it before) is probably one of the best wrestling moves in history. He lifts the opponent up on his shoulders, hoists him up in the air and then while he's coming back down, CRACK! Knee to the head. How painful would that be? I would bet you, everyone who gets hit by a G.T.S will either break their nose or need serious medical attention for their head. This move is like pie except it hurts.

Favorite Zelda Games 1. The Wind Waker

2. Ocarina of Time

3. Twilight Princess

3. A Link to the Past

4. Adventure of Link (I know I didnt talk about that game but that game was so bad, I cant even talk about it.)

Favorite Bosses 1. Ganondorf (TWW)

2. Molgera (TWW)

3. Twinrova (OoT)

4. Trinexx (ALttP)

Least Favorite Bosses 1. Armogohma (TP)

1. Mothula (ALttP)

2. Gohma (OoT)

3. Bongo Bongo (OoT)

4. Helmasur King (ALttP)

Interseting Facts 1. I'm arachnaphobic (That explains why I put Armogohma and Ocarina Gohma in Least Favorite Bosses, they just creeped me out)

2. I am Awesome.

3. I am the Best.

Other Games

Well, obviously I like Zelda games the most but I like these games as well.

Ratchet and Clank Series

Such a good series. I've played the original, Up Your Arsenal, Gladiator, Size Matters and Tools of Destruction. With the addition of the HD graphics in Tools of Destruction, the series just became epicly awesome.


Who could not like Mario. It is basically a genius creating a genius like game. Puzzles, platforming galore! Mario really is one of the best series of all time. Mario Party 1, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart Wii, Mario Party 8. The more games the better the series gets.

WWE Smackdown .vs. Raw series

I've gotten all of the games and well, Its just so fun superkicking someone right in the jaw. But now that I've gotten all of the games I keep on hearing voices in my head.

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