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Obvious Improvements to Zelda games

  • Majora's Mask

-Advantages of a 3DS port would include being able to clear up the bottom of the screen of that prominent clock timer by displaying it on the touchscreen. The 3D would be very useful for the battle with Twinmold where perspective is often difficult to measure. Another pro would be the ability to browse the bomber's notebook and make notes.

  • Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks

-There is no lock-on function despite Link being able to detect the locations of items and enemies. If Nintendo had applied a lock-on to the left shoulder button and an optional trigger to the right for items it would have immensely improved the game (vice versa for lefty)Unfortunately, Nintendo didn't think we had pinkies or other fingers let alone an entire FREE HAND to utilize buttons. Ideally the optional trigger would also be used to map items to, sans perhaps the sword. The directional advantage being necessary for Spirit Tracks' final battle.

Things to be found

More available here: https://www.pinterest.com/allytogood/zelda-lost-sauce/

NOTES (Things to edit/Clean up)

*Clearup Zora trivia section. > Zora's Spawn. Further analysis of JP texts needed, i.e. what are they called IN JAPAN??!! DUH~!

The blue, one-eyed Zora

Pending edit for clarity and elaboration. In Four Swords Adventures, two classes of river Zoras live in Hyrule; a blue one-eyed species and the green double-eyed variant of ALttP (technically, both the game and its guide only call the former "Zora", while the green version at best is called "creature", despite being the same sprite as used previously for A Link to the Past and Ancient Stone Tablets). The blue Zora appears to be based on Zora sprites of the original Zelda, while its single eye might come from the Kus from A Link to the Past. Blue Zoras appear to vastly outnumber the green variety.

Could it be green Zora are female, whereas the blue are male as in ALBW? Or does it perhaps vary by age or class? King Zora of ALttP is both green in-game and in artwork. Look up Alttp guide to see whether it is Zora King and possible relation to Zora ALttP earring (I.e. confirmation of a royal link via Prince Ralis' earring? Must investigate further.)

*King Gustaf - Does King Gustaf refer to the Light Force BY NAME or by another form. Further analysis of JP texts needed. - Further analysis needed on his "a long time ago" quote in JP. (Check LA on this.)

*War of the Bound Chest - Comparison of backstory to stained glass legend needed in JP. (Check LA on this.)

*Skyward Sword - Impa says countless eons have passed, Owlan and Zelda both say thousands of years. Further analysis of JP texts needed. (Find and provide Aria w/ links from http://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRVOMzMTjyiDXtQowdWgN703b-eOGqkFU&desktop_uri=%2Fplaylist%3Flist%3DPLRVOMzMTjyiDXtQowdWgN703b-eOGqkFU

*Ordona - translation of text on concept art needed. TOP PRIORITY

*LD Models designation mystery - Why are the Ancient Robots designated by that prefix when they were created prior to Lanayru becoming a desert?

> Possible answer: It was a desert previously. The robot with Lanayru even tells you few things can grow in that arid environment. This implies the Lanayru region even when lush is known to be notoriously low in nutrient? Referred reading: http://www.zeldauniverse.net/forums/zelda-theorizing/154867-the-origin-of-the-ancient-robots.html

>> The frieze of the Gates of Time in the Fire Sanctuary also show the land as desert (the engraving dating to the time of Hylia). This implies that during this period in Hylia's Age, the region either was desert, or was foreknown to become desert. (( Either are likely, given the implications of time-travel for the latter. However the fact that Ancient Flowers become extinct due to only growing in a verdant climate, and the ARobots are dependent on them (and are one of the 5 races; and presumably modeled for desert labor given their name) means that it had to be fertile in Hylia's Age at least before Lanayru took over.)

>>> According to Zelda.com this happened only AFTER the reckless over-harvesting of the region's resources, but this contradicts the ARobot's disclaimer of Lanayru having poor soil in the past (which postdates the frieze as it's of Hylia's Age and related to the Gate of Times). Zelda.com: "The Lanayru region was once a lush, green landscape, but due to the irresponsible actions of its past inhabitants, the natural resources of the area have been stripped dry." [[This also supports the idea of subsequent over-mining of Faron and Eldin provinces, perhaps when those were depleted. Hence why a Beetle was left behind in the Skyview Temple. Supporting info: The robot in the desert immediately recognizes and alters the Beetle. During the development, the Beetle was a Rocket Fist. ]] However, if this were the case, then Faron would realize Lanayru was dead. The Skyview Temple has also been sealed since ancient times presumably. Hence why the Bokoblins had to break in through the second chamber.


Here is a list of the Lanayru Desert class of automatons: RS-002G Don Gerā(Don Geller?)[LD-002S Scervo] [[On wikipage: Curiously, internal Skyward Sword files show his name as LD-002G Scervo; this is his name in the European version, which was released first. The US localisation team probably made this change specifically for the US version, for unknown reasons.]] RS-003K Don Kirā(Don Killer?)[LD-003D Dreadfuse] {{The fact that he is stationed in Sky Keep confirms at least that Scervo existed beforehand (but whether or not their purpose began before Demon War is still unknown). Likely, a Scervo was deemed inadequate to perform the job and so Dreadfuse was commissioned.}} RS-301C(for Cuccubo, perhaps) Kukkubo[LD-301N(for Spanish “Nelsonbot,” perhaps)[LD-301N Skipper] Sarubo(Salvo?)[LD-301S Scrapper]

Here, a “series” is described by LD-###; the letters affixed to the end are to be distinguished from the series itself. This results in three distinct series of LD-class automatons: LD-301, LD-002, and LD-003. The LD-301 series is the mining series, while LD-002 and LD-003 both appear to be combat series, with only one example each: LD-002G Don Gerā and LD-003K Don Kirā. Interestingly, LD-003K Don Kirā appears in the Sky Keep, suggesting that it is serving its original function there. Additionally, LD-002G Don Gerā is described as “mutinous,” having stolen a ship from the command of LD-301C Kukkubo; this suggests that LD-002G Don Gerā served under LD-301C Kukkubo beforehand. All LD Class Automatons appear to be of the same group, serving under Dragon Lanayru for mining and special defense operations. LD-002G Don Gerā possibly previously served defending the Nayru's Flame ship while LD-003K Don Kirā appears to have served in defending the Sky Keep, both ostensibly Demon War operations. It is unclear to me, however, whether or not the mining operations and the construction of Lanayru Stone Refinery were specifically a result of the Demon War. source

Other resource: Fi

"This arid region was transformed into a desert over the course of several hundred years." "We have arrived at Lanayru Desert. The terrain in this area changed dramatically as climate forces rapidly turned it into a desert." "I am able to confirm that a time shift has occurred within this space. Any impact to the blue stones creates a sustained temporal disruption field in the surrounding area. Readings show that this area is in a past time state."

Fi's Comment:

SS Fi Artwork.png

Target Lock: LD-301 (Mass produced model)

This robot is part of the LD-301 Series of artificial life-forms. As just one of a number of mass produced robots, it was not assigned a name. These robots usually work to mine Timeshift Stones and provide maintenance.


Edenic Era > Halcyon days of old when the Fire Sanctuary was built. Hylia's Hero lived.

Demon War occurs

Hylia's Age Ends > 5 races appointed to Dragons

/Return Point of Gate of Time The wounds of the Land have not yet healed ((Although why wasn't Faron present at the ending? Did the Ghirahim's barrier prevent her from interfering?))

- COUNTLESS EONS (or thousands of years)... -

Time-shift saved state 1,000 years before SS (Going by thousand year aracha)

Lanayru dies of illness

Several "hundred years" turn the region to desert > So little time that Faron has yet to learn of Lanayru's passing. (Though this means the frieze was a prophecy for the Gates to come into use only after the region was desert. (Something that Ghirahim should have noted he was playing into the hands of.))

Current SS time period

Other Resource: Fi's comment on Ampilus - These monsters have inhabited the desert for eons. It is also said they live to a very old age.

  • Note does Faron give Lanayru to her brother?

I was under the impression she mentions taking it back from him after telling Link to go find him and give an earful about his neglect of the region.

  • Book of Mudora/Ancient Sky Book/Gaepora's Book

> Shad confirms Sky Writing is different from Hylian script (which can be related to, given its representation in English), as only he can read it.

> Yet the Book of Mudora is used to translate undated Hylian writing in the desert.

> The writing in the desert and throughout Skyward Sword is still consistent despite thousands of years passing since Age of Hylia.

> So, the Book of Mudora being read by Gaepora can only be a sky book. Which though being brown from age, retains the seal of Farore and was once owned by the messenger of the gods. Likely passed down from Gaepora himself as a record of the pre-Hyrulean surface; this makes all three one in the same, or the Book of Mudora a replica with a translation by Shad. Hence why Link is able to read it in modern Hylian. This also fits with why he wouldn't be able to read the Pedestal of Time in the Lost Woods grove. It's what remains of the Temple of Hylia and so is written in Sky Script!

  • Tingle

- Tingle subtly yet distinctly appears in the concept art for the Ancient Carnival of Time. This syncs with his claim to be a reincarnation but otherwise would be without purpose were it not for future appearances. Yet Aonuma says he was not always meant to be so vital to the plot. So which is it?

  • Bilocyte

- "An evil version of the Parella" of the same species family as Kalle Demos. This one-eyed parasite bears a resemblance to Faron and Oren with its six parted "fins." They branched off the Parella long ago. Parella resemble Baris, to which Barinade is related and features a battle akin to Kalle Demos'.

> Interestingly the third time a whale has been afflicted by a parasitic entity in the series.

> "We originally planned to have a race that closely resembled the Zora, but we were told to design a more primitive race, and the idea was rejected." - designers on SS (Hyrule Historia)

  • Landmarks

Multiple locations in Zelda named after former landmarks. For instance Zora's Domain(OoT) moves northward from it's location to above Hyrule Castle in TP, where it features a place called the Mother and Child Rocks. In The Wind Waker, the Mother and Child Isle is named after it (although in release order it is vice versa). This isle is next to Spectacle Island.

Ancient Stone Tablet's Relation to Link's Awakening

Theory Warning

It is mentioned in the game text that Link has been absent from Hyrule for some time. Considering that Ancient Stone Tablets was a sequel of sorts to A Link to the Past, fans have used this as evidence proving that Link's Awakening is placed after A Link to the Past in the Zelda Timeline. While this may have been true for its time, Link's Awakening has since been confirmed to take place after Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages according to the official timeline in the artbook Hyrule Historia. Sahasrahla and Zelda find themselves in need of a new hero, after their AlttP ally had left Hyrule on a journey of enlightenment, to gain the wisdom that would temper him to withstand the next threat to his homeland. There is also one line of dialogue specifically referencing the hero being unable to leave the "dream". Given that the time passed between ALttP and LA is unknown beyond the "months of travel" it can be deduced that Link's Awakening takes place 6 years after. This is consistent with his much older appearance in the official artwork by Katsuya Terada. If Link is assumed to be 16 in ALttP, that would make him 22 in LA.

Notable Exchanges (Paraphrased)

Interloper King?

In TP, Midna mentions the fact that the Interlopers "lost [their] king to... greed", but the nature of this king is not delved into. Meanwhile, Demise (or at least the Imprisoned) was shown to break apart and coalesce into his seal in almost exactly the same manner as the Fused Shadow fragments, and his hair in both forms resembles fragmenting shards of Twilight. It may also be worth mentioning that, before the final battle, Ghirahim erected a barrier around the Sealed Grounds, and the pegs studding that barrier looked very similar to the spears of light Midna wielded in her Fused Shadow form. Based on all this, is it possible, and so worth mentioning, that Demise may have been the "lost" Interloper king, and gave the Interlopers their power? Setras 04:07, 20 March 2013 (UTC)

It's an interesting theory. The only problem is HH seems to say on page 113 that the Interlopers only came around long after the events of Skyward Sword:

"Long, long ago, the people of the world were filled with piety, and the land knew many years of peace. Before long, however, conflict began to arise in the sacred realm called Hyrule. People began to appear who were proficient with magic, and they attempted to control this sacred realm with their powers. The gods dispatched four Light Spirits, who sealed the usurpers' magic into Fused Shadows..."— Hylian King [*] 12:31, 20 March 2013 (UTC)

There are many quotes from TP that, unfortunately, were not translated properly. Here's a re-translation of this quote (link):
"教えてやるよ・・・オマエが長として 認められなかったのは、その目だ! 瞳の奥に潜む欲望が、古代の一族のように 力に支配されると 王は危懼したからさ!
jacensolo06: I’ll tell you why you weren’t recognized as leader…It was those eyes! It was because desire lurks in the depths of your eyes and the king feared one who would be ruled by power like the ancient clan was.
Jumbie: I'll have you know... The reason why you were not accepted in the position of the leader is your eyes! Because the king feared that desire lying hidden in your pupils, due to which the clan of ancient times got controlled by power!
NOA: Traitors, ha! You want to know why none would call you king? It was your eyes, Zant. All saw it, a lust for power burning in your pupils... Did you think we'd forget our ancestors lost their king to such greed?" Zeldafan1982 22:06, 20 March 2013 (UTC)

Ah. Well that's unfortunate. Thanks for setting the record straight, though! Setras 22:59, 20 March 2013 (UTC)

1. Demise still could be the "ancient clan's" king, presuming that they predate Skyward Sword. He would thusly serve as the reason why the contemporary deceased king feared such eyes, as Zant and Demise share very similar ones. You can imagine NOA with the JP textdump, cockily interpreting the king as an unseen irrelevant actor, thereby the remaining sentence must also be inconsequential to the lore; resulting in a change of "ancient clan" to a nondescript "ancestors" and him from a benefactor to a malefactor.

2. The quote "Before long, however, conflict began to arise in the sacred realm called Hyrule." directly contradicts Twilight Princess' saying that the Sacred Realm are the lands the Goddesses descended upon (and that the people of Hyrule did not know about it until ages later), which is further implied to be different if they and the Siren Realm are one. In fact while I'm at it, the quote "The gods dispatched four Light Spirits, who sealed the usurpers' magic into Fused Shadows" is also factually wrong. FIRSTLY, Ordona was not counted among the Light Spirits then. There were three that were appointed to seal the Interlopers. Secondly, the game never says that or insinuates they were the participants of any such thing. The Fused Shadow is actually a catalyst of the Interloper's dark magic, as the JP script conveys better in saying it made them into giants. The Light Spirits just sealed it, before sealing away the Interlopers separately. Moreover, the Fused Shadow while capable of corrupting its users in time ala the One Ring (see Lanayru's deterrent to Link), may be morally ambiguous for all the audience knows; hence Midna's ability to use it and remain herself, unless only the Twili or regal descendants of the Interlopers may wield such power.

3. Last but not least, The Interloper story fits best pre-SS with the timespan depicted in "Lanayru's warning," in each text bubble: The creation of the world > the gods departure and giving of equal power to all races > the Sacred Realm where the Triforce resides is revered > long age of peace > Sacred Realm rumors stir strife (Now it does say through Hyrule, however given the context it would more than likely be speaking of the world not the country). If the Interloper War is post-SS, then it would

  • ignore the apocalyptic war and the ongoing in-story diegesis of Skyloft's militant culture, the latter of which is foreshadowed in TP elsewhere by the Hero's Shade (as is the former if it's the same war).
  • not account for how the Sacred Realm's knowledge was lost between SS and TMC except to the Deku Tree, Royal Family/Sheikah, Ganondorf, and an NPC in castle town. ((The War of the Bound Chest does occurs between, however the evils of it are sealed inside said chest and the events do not match the description of the IW (the lack of the Light Force or hero.) and regardless would not explain how the information was lost. The only other known war before OoT is the Seal War, however that story is about the storing of the Triforce in the Sacred Realm and creation of the Temple of Time which would only further knowledge of it as seen by the Seal War being Hyrule's oldest legend in ALBW. Additionally the aforementioned NPC in OoT: Legends say that the Temple of Time is the entrance to the Sacred Realm... Did you know that?)

I think we can discredit any say of Hyrule Errata on the topic. It even pulled the term "usurper" describing the Twili out of its intended context from Zant's boss name (which is to say "Usurper King Zant" as in Zant is usurping king of the Twili. Not King OF the usurpers.)

Servantofgod (talk) 04:58, 27 June 2014 (UTC)

Skyward Sword Takkuri

I'm suprised that no one noticed this but...around the entrace to the Forest area in the Sky is a bird that when you kill it, it always drops 20 Rupees. My guess is that this bird has to be a Takkuri. Usually I always find this bird closer to the clouds or about the middle of height. Can someone try to confirm if this bird is a Takkuri or something else? --Nathbuds123 11:28, 26 January 2012 (EST)

I currently have no way to test this, but can't you just go there and scan the bird with Fi? Dekler 22:12, 3 November 2012 (UTC)
I is impossible to use Fi's abilities while rding a Loftwing. Because of this, I don't believe it's possible to discern the name of the bird that flies around certain areas of The Sky. - TonyT S C 09:13, 4 November 2012 (UTC)
Theoretically if you could rip the model, you could view the model's name.KrytenKoro 15:51, 3 June 2013 (UTC)

Ocarina of Time Routes Schematic

  • Forest - Fire - Water - Shadow - Spirit_
  • Forest - Fire - Water - Spirit - Shadow_
  • Forest - Water - Fire - Shadow - Spirit_
  • Forest - Water - Fire - Spirit - Shadow_
  • Forest - Water - Spirit - Fire - Shadow_
  • Fire - Forest - Water - Shadow - Spirit_
  • Fire - Forest - Water - Spirit - Shadow_

These are the 7 canon ways. A first-timer could beat the game this way with minimal to no effort to discover except the fifth one, as it necessitates memorizing the desert to reach the Spirit before completion of Water (for the Lens of Truth) The other 7 count by means of entry. You can enter but not complete the Water until you have the Bow.

  • Fire - Water - Forest - Shadow - Spirit_
  • Fire - Water - Forest - Spirit - Shadow_
  • Water - Forest - Fire - Shadow - Spirit_
  • Water - Forest - Fire - Spirit - Shadow_
  • Water - Forest - Spirit - Fire - Shadow_
  • Water - Fire - Forest - Shadow - Spirit_
  • Water - Fire - Forest - Spirit - Shadow_

14 total possibilities without scavenging out of order.


  • Link's triple combo quickspin was included in the game code for Ocarina of Time. However his animation is a few frames too long to connect.
  • Bombs are optional to beating Spirit Tracks.
  • In Skyward Sword Link can perform a high backflip after dropping and taking back a bomb. Doing this from the broken pillar in the Fire Sanctuary will allow Link to land upon the edge of the Leap of Faith reminiscence of the Death Mountain Crater in OoT.

Miscellaneous text dump

  • The trials of Skyward’s Silent Realms, which tasked Link (separated from his physical body) with gathering Sacred Tears are akin to similar segments in Twilight Princess, in which Wolf Link was tasked with gathering Tears of Light.
  • Both games feature segments in which you must avoid being seen by undefeatable foes (Guardians in Skyward and Phantoms in Phantom Hourglass). Both of these enemies can take Link out with one hit.
  • Loftwings are the birds of Hylia's knights, exclusive to the people of Skyloft. Hylia's knights wear colored caps to keep their heads warm in the stratospheric skies they live in. This staple of the uniform is forgotten overtime as the civilization moves back to the surface, until Vaati turns Ezlo into a green cap with a bird-shaped head in mockery of his signature symbol, the Loftwing
  • yfw in OoT and MM circles of rocks always meant hidden grottoes lay below.

>yfw the Sheikah constructed them during the war, and that was a way to signal their own that below was a secret safe-spot. >yfw at some point the Sheikah sealed an demon inside a prison of rock pillars. >hundreds of years later, on his quest for peace Link unseals this Titan from his incarceration and is given a small token of his power in appreciation.

  • Yuga was that world's Ganondorf, but minus the great power. He was more like a trickster magician than a powerful warrior.

Ravio is Link without courage. Hilda is Zelda without wisdom. Lorule is Hyrule without the Triforce.

    • Hylian examples

I think this article should have a list of Hylian translations, though it would probably work best as a subarticle. A good format would be something like this page.

For starters, Zauz's chart: "Example shape of the Triforce" (トライフォースの形示せ?) and "Start from here" (ここからスタート?) There's also the text on the "out of stock" sign, and the text on the mechanic's instructions for rotating your boat. 03:17, November 28, 2009 (UTC)

    • FSA

Why does nobody get hold of the Japanese FSA and translate that? Honestly now, it's been out for ages. Someone must have it; heck, the Japanese version has a whole new game included. It must be one of easier games to find the Japanese text from.

As far as I can tell from translating a few passages, the translation is pretty accurate and literal. One of the more obvious problems is the "ancient demon reborn" passage - the Japanese is quite a bit different, as it states he is an ancient demon that was revived.

Isn't "to be reborn" the same as to have "revived (oneself)"? I mean, so long as the Japanese version doesn't say he was revived by someone/something, it doesn't change things much. One could even have somebody cause them to be reborn, actually, but I digress. In any case, we do know that Ganondorf was reborn since the Gerudos tell us as much. Of course many people argue that Ganondorf and Ganon are not quite the same being, but I'm not one of them.

    • Jumbie, on Nov 8 2007, 01:10 AM, said:

I've come up with an interesting little theory related to the Kanji 邪器 occurring in this quote. These actually translate to "evil vessel", while the usual Kanji for "evil spirit", 邪鬼, are not used here. Now, we also see the text adds a pronunciation help for those Kanji: じゃき = jaki. Why would this be necessary?

My theory is that readers are that way supposed to realize that, while they look at the word "vessel", they are rather supposed to pronounce it like "spirit", in the effect causing a play on words. This technique was already used back in ALttP's manual, in regard to the "race of evil thieves". Specifically, the pun here might show that the evil spirit of the demon functions as a vessel at the same time - which actually makes sense if we regard Ganon's pig form as a vessel for the human Ganondorf, who would be carried within it. This, in turn, would explain how the demon's spirit can be revived as opposed to reborn: It's revived as soon as Ganondorf unites with it.

I first had it as "the demon's evil vessel" before I recognised the Furigana in brackets. I settled for the latter because I found it more plausible. I guess that ambiguity is also the reason why it was omitted in the other releases (or should I say the English release and all the other translations from that version...). An attempt to keep both meanings would be "the demon's evil vessel, evil spirit, revived from ancient times", or "the demon's evil spirit in a vessel, revived from ancient times", or "the demon's evil spirit revived in a vessel from ancient times". The first two sound veeeery strange, and we can't be sure if it's the vessel and not the spirit that's being revived in the latter one.

I've been examining the name of the Goddesses again, as I wanted to find out what their original names were alluding to. I've known for quite some time that Farore, the Goddess of Courage, was called フロル (furore) in the Japanese version but never really understood what that meant. Today, it struck me all of sudden: Furore... The "ur" could very well be an "L" which would make it Flore (the Latin word for "flora"), or Florae (the plural of "flora"), a name hinting a lot at her role in the creation of Hyrule.

    • Kairu Hakubi, on Nov 10 2007, 07:10 PM, said:

And note that it doesn't say "three" light spirits, in the original.. that line screwed up my head, like, what, the two farore spirits were one? ordona got left out? XD

Oh! You're right... I totally overlooked that... ^^; But well, the visuals still show only three light spheres appearing, so it doesn't change anything.

And there's actually an explanation to it: only three of four Fused Shadows were sealed in Hyrule, the fourth one remained in the possession of the Twili leader - so Ordona couldn't have had any work to do. What's more, Hyrule has only three Light Spirits, while Ordona province is not part of the kingdom. Seeing as Zant's way to turn the Light World into Twilight was by stealing the light from a spirit of a specific region, this means that every region on the Zelda planet must have its own Light Spirit (he planned not to keep it at Hyrule). It's just that the game happened to involve the three Hyrulean spirits plus the one of the region Link grew up in.

    • I think it's more likely the flora thing is just a coincidence - after all, she didn't just make plants.

I think it's too much a coincidence. After all, it could also be a nod to "flourishing" (as in "to prosper"). Another thing I found out: The Japanese name of Faron Woods is "フィローネの森" (firōne no mori), something that would not normally be associated with "Furoru/Flor/Flore/Florae". Whilst examining the Twilight Princess ISO, I looked at the sound file that plays in Faron Woods - it is called "Filone Forest" (and you'd be surprised how accurate a lot of the sound file names are), thus containing an obvious hint at the Goddess if the "ロ" in "フロル/furoru" indeed is a "lo" rather than a "ro".

SOAP, on Nov 12 2007, 02:21 AM, said:

What is the Japanese names for Eldin and Lanyru then? The translation chart doesn't seem to contain their original Japanese names in their literal transliterations. I think the Japanese version of Eldin was Ordin or something, which sounds like Ordan and Ordan was called Latoan or something like that.

That's right, Eldin = Orudin. In turn, the Elde Inn is the Old Inn. Probably the localizers just were in the mood for some Eld..eh, Old English, so they changed it accordingly. Lanayru = Raneeru, just has one of those neat "ra" syllables added. Ordona = Ratoanu, close to the village's Japanese name Toaru. Btw, note the curious similarity between "Hairaru" and "Toaru"...

  • - Medli says that she is "a" sage of the Earth and is descended of Laruto, not a reincarnation of a sage.

Thus "awakening" doesn't refer to the awakening of a soul, but the remembering of a pastlife spirit. - Fado says Makar will feel the blood of the sages awaken in him. Signifying he is a related by blood or at least the connection is carnal, not merely spiritual.

"Are you the new hero? I am Fado of the Kokiri tribe. I know I appear to you as a child, but the eyes can oft deceive. I am a most esteemed sage. I had been praying here so that the power to repel evil would continue to be contained within the blade of the Master Sword... But I was attacked by the evil Ganondorf... and this is what happened to me. You wish to return the power to your blade, don't you? In that case, look for the one who has the same instrument that I hold, and teach him the song you just played. Once you do, I'm certain the holder of the instrument will feel the blood of the sages awaken within his veins. That Wind Waker you hold was used long ago to conduct us sages when we played our song to call upon the gods. In those days, it was always the king who conducted for us... Please... Tell the king that I will still play... even in the next world!"

      • Fado knew the king despite being a Kokiri who can't "leave" the forest.

In ALttP/TP/TWW the King is implied to be the leader of the Sages in spite of it being Zelda.

Unlike the Sword Sages who empower the Master Sword with constant prayer, the Sages in OoT are spirits whose power has been concentrated in the Medallions.

Sir, you wear the garb of the hero in my people's legends... Are you, perhaps...? Well met! I, dear hero, am a maker of bombs. Pardon me for asking... Have you heard of water bombs? They are very dangerous indeed, but you should be able to master them. I am sure you would find them quite useful. How would you like to buy some of my handmade water bombs for 90 Rupees? Hmm?

Sounds like Tingle


  • >reveals that Cia/Lana are a Sage designated to guard the Triforce. Thus, Ceres, Mako, Shad, all fall into a similar line.

>confirms that Ghirahim is the infamous traitor in Sheikah lore, which explains how he and Impa know each other. >depicts post-SS events such as the Isle of the Goddess being lifted back into place, leaving the giant fissure in the ground you symbolically cross with the golden Cucco in TP. >confirms that Gerudo's Fortress and Arbiter Grounds are distinct, (I think).

  • The little blip on the sketch on Link's treehouse can't be Navi because he didn't have a fairy then. The only explanation is that it's the Temple of Hylia and Link is defending it from the Imprisoned.
    • So, this text shows that Ganondorf was actually aware of his impending death, meaning in turn that his Triforce mark faded because of his death, not that he died because the Triforce mark faded (nor because of Zant's neck snap). That's awesome.

Luckily the quote also exists in the Japanese dump. I just had to go ahead and do it:

Quote 選ばれし力を持つ者が現れる時 When one who holds the chosen power appears... When the chosen ones appear...

必ず、その対極を成す者が生まれ出ん Necessarily, one to accomplish the antithesis of that will be born. They are always born into this world in perfect balance.

それが、お前達が信じる神が与えた紋章を持つ者の運命だ That is the fate of those who bear the crests that were awarded by the gods you believe in. That is the destiny of the chosen. That is the fate decreed by your gods, the only path for those who bear their crests.

この世に紋章を持つ者が現れる限り Whenever those bearing the crests appear in this world... When this world brings forth another marked as you are...

何度でも、流血の時代が訪れる An age of bloodshed will come, as often as need be. Know too, that it shall also be visited by one of my blood.

これで、全てが終わったと思うなよ Do not think everything ends with this... Do not think this ends here...

これが、光と闇の血塗られた歴史の始まりだと思え! Think of this as the beginning of a bloodsmeared history of light and darkness! The history of light and shadow will be written in blood! Note that my choices of singular and plural regarding the chosen ones were done by personal reasoning. It's ambiguous in Japanese.

That's right, Eldin = Orudin. In turn, the Elde Inn is the Old Inn. Probably the localizers just were in the mood for some Eld..eh, Old English, so they changed it accordingly. Lanayru = Raneeru, just has one of those neat "ra" syllables added. Ordona = Ratoanu, close to the village's Japanese name Toaru. Btw, note the curious similarity between "Hairaru" and "Toaru"...

  1. 56 Translation of Japanese Game Texts: post #56Duke Serkol

This just occurred to me, but the Japanese name of Ordon, Toaru could be a reference to the Japanese name of Windfall, Tauru. And that's very interesting.

  • The scene with Ganondorf was drastically changed to conform to a revised ending. Indeed it's ludicrous to suggest that Ganondorf did not know Zant was dead, since he is the one feeding his power and Link and Midna would not have made it to him otherwise.

Ergo, Ganondorf in the final game is peering into the spirit realm to revive Zant before he dies, not searching to know his status. His shocked expression comes from Zant's refusal to revive because he has experienced a change of heart.

In the original ending, Ganondorf was indisputably conscious that his end was at hand and gives a short death speech. However, this would have revealed too much of the story, as well as added too much exposition to the game than needed (as it's rumored Miyamoto was against for a linear story, whereas in SS it is justified because it's the prequel to the series).

The final scene adds some characterization to Zant, and allowed Nintendo to keep Skyward Sword's big ending reveal under wraps.

  • >Hyrule is named after Hylia.

>Hylia is named after the tit hylia. The smallest bird species in Africa. >In The Wind Waker a Hyoi Pear lets you take control of a seagulls, a bird. >Hyrule's emblem is a red phoenix, a type of bird in Greek mythology. >Zelda is heavily inspired by Greek mythology.

  • Sheikah are the creators of most items in the Zelda series. However, a cool touch in Ocarina of Time is that the Fairy Bow has its own unique attributor. There is another bow, known as the Hero's Bow, clearly made by the Sheikah (hence its gold sheen), but the Fairy Bow is alone in its category. Now we're about to play Zelda U which is a game where Link's bow has the spotlight for once in series usually brimming with Sheikah lore, and he's an outsider.
  • Chosen Hero Link was a god. That's why Demise doesn't recognize him and comments "so you're Hylia's knight" noting that he was also reborn; and then comments that humans he knew could only run and scream, insinuating that he stands out as a human.
  • If the goddesses decreed that the Triforce cannot be used by demigods so that humans would have hope, in the sense that they would not always need to be ruled by the gods, then what moral connotations does that have on the series? After all, Ganondorf is using it with the purpose that they left it. Then again, Link and Zelda sacrificed their godhood to use it.

Penultimate level mysteries >Enemy evolution tiers

The last mysteries of Zelda >The Stonehenge >what are the symbols on the Gate of Time. >What happened to Kogoli

Is the Sheikah Stone in the Zelda Atlas what leads to the chest? No, as confirmed by Symphony Map.

Zelda lore thread >Do the Kokiri live on forever, or do they die like Miyamoto once said and then reincarnate (OoT Fado becomes TWW Fado ) which is why they have to wait for a fairy to come to them? If that's the case, then was Navi the fairy for a Kokiri before Link?

Link was in slumber for 7 years, one for each of the Sages/Temples.

•Aonuma lied. It's TWO temples that were cut. It's just that one was replaced by the Water Temple. He was just going by number of temples in the final game. •Why did Link pull the Master Sword after MM and move it to the old temple? •The upside-down Triforce crest is still present in the BR trailer when the stones are being placed. Inspiring the Wind Waker puzzle?

•Zelda 64: first preview of adult-only OoT. A Castle is the hub and you would jump through paintings to get to levels, similar to Mario 64 •Beta OoT 1: first preview of kid Link, Link can't use magic as a kid, uses reeds to call Epona, spin attack is always red and doesn't charge. Giant open Castle Town located where Lon Lon Ranch is, Fado is the Sage of Wind. An unmodeled prince Zora planned to be the Ice Sage. No Forest/Water Sage. Link was a Hylian raised by Kokili that left the forest after "coming of age." The Deku symbol is his family crest. •Beta OoT 2: like the final game but with Light and Ice Temple, Medallions act as items (Lens? Fire elements, Nayru's Love, gauntlets), you got the Boomerang before Dodongo's Cavern, Hyrule Field is bigger and filled with horses, there is no Zora's River, Zora's Domain is in Water Temple (or Ice Cavern with an Ice Temple in place of it). Dynamic weather like Zelda AST, affects Fishing Hole. •OoT DD: Master Quest but highly realistic. Footprints, slashes, arrows, bomb craters, etc. all recorded on hard memory. For what purpose is unknown. •Unnamed sequel to MM's events that shows why Link drew the Master Sword again and took it to old temple. It makes sense that he's renown by the Gorons and Zora, but nothing shows why he's hailed by the Hylians as well (his acts of intervention were kept secret even from the Sages, much more the common people). •Zelda U

Another tale of this giant bird tells that it is in fact the reincarnation of one of the ancient sages, and knows everything about Hyrule. Because of this, there are those who seek out the bird to listen to its words of wisdom. However, no one who has actually gone searching for the bird has found it.

All the Bombs in Hyrule originate on Death Mountain, where they are harvested from the Goron’s “specialty crop,” the Bomb Flowers. After getting the Goron’s Bracelet, Link will be able to pick Bombs from Bomb Flowers.

Notes: 1. Miyamoto said there was a magic travel method separate from magic, as far back as Nov 1997, same interview he spoke about Medallions. This has to be referencing something about Farore's Wind. 2. Medallions could be beta items that you got along the way to a temple, or in them. Example Wind Medallion might have initially been the hover boots. You got it right away in Wind Temple. You would use it to try to fight the Club Moblin in an enclosed room with pits around him (hence room with no floor where you fight the second Stalfos battle). As you dodged his attacks, if he hit you, you'd be blown back to the wall. 3. Miyamoto says "Hookshots" meaning there were always two, in Nov 1997. 4. Miyamoto said that the items were "repurposed" when Link became an adult. So the Fairy Slingshot, became the Fairy Bow (this makes sense as the Kokiri shouldn't be able to use adult's weapons, yet it is named after the forest). 5. Aonuma specifically says there were three dungeons -in- which Link was to learn each spell. 6. Aonuma stated that in finality it was realized that other -pre-existing- items could fill the spots that the Medallions were. (Thereafter the eyeglasses were changed to Lens of Truth? This indicated Link needed them approximately around the time of the Shadow Temple, wherever it would fall.) 7. Miyamoto spoke of speed as being a variable (that decreased with damage), in a period where you could both auto-jump AND normal jump by hitting A. This implies Light-weight Boots. If for instance there are Iron Boots which make you slow, it makes sense that there would be boots that made Link fast. 8. Miyamoto said there were staffs in the game. Plural. Ala ALttP? /*It seems apt that the first thing after it is the windmill which is a place where you can run around in a circle. /*The Club Moblin also suggests you had the boots BEFORE the temple.Or else it wouldn't make sense unless you came back. /*Were used heavily in Fire Temple as Fire Barrier indicates.

Dark Medallion Dark_olev Impa in SS Magic Armor in TWW Dark Link reacts to it because he was to come after the Dark Temple. Fire, Dark, Ice (Note: Dark Link wasn't planned until after 1997)


  • He was a commentary on antitheism.

He foolishly misplaced his blame and thought that the gods sent Link to sweep him; when in reality they were just acting out of their own good. Then he realized that the King of Hyrule was still alive and behind it all, but only at the end when it was too late. Thus he breaks down laughing hysterically at his own stupidity.

If you jump at a ledge and hit B just before grabbing it, Link will unsheathe his sword.

    • So we can agree that these two artifacts probably share origins with the twili/interlopers being the dark tribe from Majora's Mask and vice-versa?

>both come from an ancient Shadow tribe >both were abandoned by said tribe for being far too dangerous >both share similar eye designs >both corrupt their user with dark desires >both have the ability to turn ordinary people and animals into crazed demons and monsters


  • You're forgetting the most relevant detail. The faces.

The Moon Tribe which created Majora's Mask has no faces and ask you about what your real face looks like.

The Twili still hardly understand faces either: >Shadow Beasts wear shields on their heads >Zant wears a giant version of his own head with exaggerated features. >Midna thinks that your shield is a mask when you get it. >Midna can shape-shift. >Midna caresses Link's face in desert after she tells him the story. >"Twilit" or "Shadow" enemies lose their heads. >Bongo Bongo and the Ghost Hunter have no heads. Phantom Ganon has no face.

This explains why Majora didn't find a better host than Skull Kid. Skull Kids have no faces, no individuality, so Majora knew its weak mind would be most susceptible to total control.


>why does it make zero sense ALBW says the Triforce had to be secreted away by the ancient Seven Sages (capital letters, and implied to be the first by the context) to be forgotten so the wars would stop. This was the construction of the ToT. The image depicts the sages in a field or empty plain. If it's the same, then it defeats the purpose of it being secret.. Everyone would remember the Triforce if it was in the center of the populace.

>Adult Link can pick up Deku Sticks from Big Deku Babas despite not being able to use them. >If a baby Dodongo cross the path of the self-detonation of a dying fellow baby, it will freeze up for two seconds, then hop and blow up.

In OoT3D >the mask powers of the Skull and Spooky Mask to repel Keese and glow in the dark were removed. However the Bunny Hood's ability to negate Stalchild appearances was kept oddly. >Link's Spin Attack gives him power armor if he's interrupted in the midst of it. >Because Link is able to swing leftward, you are able to catch Stalfos off-guard.