Princess ralis

aka Tsukiakari

  • I live in Sumwhere
  • My occupation is School
  • I am Female

About me

need to figure out how to make the box thingy -_-

My fav pages :D

Midna XD

Link :|

Tetra >:D

Prince Ralis :)

Nabooru >XD

Sheik :P

least fav pages :0

Ganondorf >X(

Happy Mask Salesman (put creeped out face here XD)

Gannon ;( i spell it wrong

Moon  ;O

random stuff :)

first try at da bubble i need to try to make the image look better XD (still figuring it out XD) i cant evar get the numbers by midnas head off!!!!!!! >:( >:(

Midna 3
princess_ralis – Meow :3 im 1 of the smart zoras
First try :P dont u judge meh! XD
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