Hello ! I'm 16 year old angel . I enjoy playing zelda and other nintendo games. i use Link as my main guy in brawl, melee, and original smash bros. and i find that the zelda timeline a bit odd because of the split from Oot. My favorite Zelda game would have to be Twilight Princess well because it has a great story line. unlike most ppl im about the game play and the story line not graphics. I appear in Smash Bros Brawl and am the seventh most used player ^^

Favorite Zelda characters

1. Link

2. Toon Link(brawl name)

3. Dark Link

4. Vaati(hylian form)

5. Zant

6. Ganon

Favorite Zelda Games to Date

1. Twilight Princess

2. Ocarina of Time

3. Wind Waker

4. Majors Mask

5. Oracle of Seasons

6. Oracle of Ages


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My View of the Zelda Timeline

                      Minish Cap(Link gets trademark green hat)
                       Four Swords
                          /   \
    (first three dungeons)    (Entire Game)
       Ocarina Of Time          Ocarina Of Time
              |                       |(Great Flood)
         Majoras Mask              Wind Waker
(Ganon trialed)|                       |(Link+tetra set to find new land for there own)
      Twilight Princess        Phantom Hourglass
              |                       |
(Ganon gets trident trademark)(Link+Tetra find new hyrule)
    Four Swords Adventure       Legend of Zelda
              |                       |
       A Link to the past      Adventur Of Link
     (Ganon gets revived)
    Oracle of Seasons+Ages
  (Link sails back to hyrule)
       Links Awakening
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