Well, hello. I am Pie145 and I like video games. Although, I WILL admit, I am very slow when it comes to making progress whenever I play a video game, but, ehh...maybe I'm that type that "gotta prepare before-hand". My first video game console was a Game Boy Advance SP, which I ♥ very much. ☺☺☺ A year or so later, I got a Nintendo DS Lite, which broke in half a year after I got it. :( After buying another DS Lite, I promised myself to take good care of it. Currently, my DS Lite's hinge is I might have to operate on it. Currently, I have a DSi, which I got in the summer of 2009! A Wii that I got around 2007, and a GameCube which I got around 2006. My main point of this page is I'd like to list the games I have and rate them:

Mario Kart Super Circuit

Gameplay: Like all Mario Kart games, you play as a Mario character, and you race them around a track. Since this was the first Mario Kart handheld game, I have to criticize the easy controls. I like the track layouts, they seem to convince me that they're better than the tracks on Mario Kart DS...What am I thinking? My Rating: 7.5/10

Characters: Like any other Mario game, it does in fact, have Mario in there. Shocker. Plus, some other characters such as Wario, Bowser, and Toad! Each character has it's own weight rank, which means, the weight is only used through terms of acceleration and, I believe, handling. My Rating: 8/10

Anything Frustrating: Some tracks have obstacles that some find annoying and hard to dodge (like Tingle). In some fans cases, Thwomps, ice holes containing frigid water, and fireballs that randomly pop out of lava that will burn you and send you into a pool of molten lava. Then, the ultimate hatred aspect of this game...Rainbow Road. Of course, looking at the cool designs of these new Rainbow Roads, with 360-degree spins and launch pads, we have the classic Rainbow Roads with NO BARRIERS to prevent you from flying into another planet's atmosphere. Basically in this game, LOTS of frustrating objectives in this game. Rating: 3/10 :( :(

Plot: This is a Mario Kart game. What plot? Rating: ???

Overall: This game WOULD deserve a better rate if they didn't have many frustrating ideas in this game. However, I will not let this destroy the good rating for this game. This game is the introduction to a handheld Mario game. A great racing Game Boy Advance game. This game deserves a......8.1!!!!!!11!!!!one!


Abarenbou Tengu/Zombie Nation

Gameplay: You're a floating samurai head destroying cities with your fireballs o' doom. You "vomit" fireballs at enemies, destroy your way through buildings, and dodge killer lasers. Rating: 9/10, for amazing things you can do with a severed samurai head.

Characters: Most enemies in this game are basic. Basic enemies you would find would be zombies, futuristic spaceships, tanks, military helicopters, and rhythmic-moving land-mine-things. Rating: 8/10, for cool enemies, but some minor accidents with "futuristic" enemies.

Anything Frustrating: Basically, Shoop da Whoop lasers. Sometimes, they can fire lazors block your path, and cause a whooping amount of damage to the samurai head. Enemy fireballs blocking the whole screen is also very annoying, so you have to dodge every tenth of a second to avoid them.

Plot: In the year 1999, aliens land on the Nevada desert and take over cities in the US. Typical zombie/alien plot. *yawn* Rating: 7.5/10, for the simple plot.

Overall: The plot really brings down the game and lacks what the Gameplay has. This game is probably more of an arcade game more than an NES game. Then again, I look at other games for the NES/Famicom...Rating: 8/10, for small incidents that made me scream, but overall, was a great NES game.

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